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Discussing common security issues which credit card processing customers face during implementation and operation. PCI compliance standards, testing and verification.

Hazards of Stolen Credit Cards and How to Protect Your Business

Identity thieves create chaos, clearing out victims’ bank accounts and damaging their credit for years. More than 15 million residents fall prey to identity thieves each year with losses costing consumers and businesses more than $50 billion annually. The person with the stolen identity isn’t the only one who suffers. When a thief pays for […]

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Keeping Up with Cash on the Go

Mobile credit card readers have given businesses the freedom to accept cards on the go using a tablet or smartphone. Even with this freedom, though, some consumers still prefer to pay by cash. Since setting up a full cash register with a drawer might be unreasonable at a conference or flea market, it’s important that […]

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Update: Global Payments loses PCI Compliance Status

Global Payments Inc., the company responsible for allowing up to 1.5 million ( had initially reported the number as 10 million, the original estimate) accounts to be breached has been removed from Visa’s list of PCI compliant processors, though the company is still actively enrolling merchants for their services. Critics of PCI compliance have suggested […]

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Up to 10 Million Mastercard and Visa Cards Breached

Mastercard has confirmed that U.S. based payment processor Global Payments Inc. has had a security breach, potentially compromising up to 10 million credit card accounts. The Secret Service has confirmed the incident and is currently investigating. Mastercard has taken immediate steps to minimize the damage, releasing a statement Friday addressing the issue. “As a result, […]

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Chip and PIN Credit Card Processing

Chip and PIN credit cards are common in Canada and Europe, but has not yet become popular in the United States due to the technology and expense required to switch from magnetic stripe readers to Chip and PIN credit card processing equipment.  Chip and PIN credit cards are considered more difficult for thieves to steal […]

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EMV Chip-Based Credit Cards Coming to the US

The credit card industry overseas uses EMV technology to reduce fraud, and the technology is slowly starting to make it’s way to the United States.  EMV cards store credit card data on a computer chip rather than a magnetic stripe, making them more difficult to hack into than cards using the traditional magnetic stripe. The […]

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Will Your Customers Data be Safe When They Pay You With Smartphones at the Checkout Line?

Mobile payments or mobile wallets are being considered the future of credit card payments. Instead of swiping a card at the register, customers will “swipe” their smartphone to make a payment.  Actually, the smartphone payments work similar to the gas station cards that let you wave it or tap it to a special spot on […]

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Incentives Offered To Encourage New Credit Card Processing Trends

American consumers are often under the false impression that the technology in use in this country is the top of the line and most advanced.  In reality, many other countries are using newer technology in other areas from cars to credit card processing.  Convincing millions of American consumers and merchants alike to embrace change, especially […]

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How to Eliminate Fraud When Processing Payments

A long time concern for merchants and consumers has been the security of credit card processing.  As the industry has evolved over the years, both security measures as well as the hackers that work to breech them have changed.  With each new advance in technology, card processing has become more convenient for merchants, more secure […]

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