Credit Card Processing Security

Discussing common security issues which credit card processing customers face during implementation and operation. PCI compliance standards, testing and verification.

The Latest on Visa and Mastercard Retailer Lawsuits

Last year, news broke about a major lawsuit involving two highly known companies: Walmart and Visa. After Walmart filed its lawsuit against the major global credit card, citing security issues, Visa responded with their own counter suit. Walmart didn’t want to allow consumers to use signature authorization for debit transactions, while Visa wanted the retailer […]

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What Payment Options Do Consumers Want?

The Internet and social media have made consumers more empowered than ever before, changing the dynamics of many industries. Instead of depending on a salesperson or piece of company literature to learn about a product, it only takes people a few minutes to go online and get a truly candid scoop about any product they’re […]

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5 Essential Online Payment Security Tips for 2017

Throughout 2016, we covered a number of data breaches and other security issues that affected merchants of all sizes. We’ve also talked about how, even though the EMV transition has been effective at reducing in-person fraud, it’s also increasing the rate of fraud for card-not-present transactions. Since these challenges and more will continue throughout 2017, […]

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Where Are We Now? The Latest on the EMV Liability Shift

After the EMV liability shift, which made businesses more liable for fraud on certain types of in-person credit cards charges, a lot of changes were required from businesses to help keep consumers safer. Earlier this year, we covered some of those key takeaways from the shift and what it could mean for you. Who’s responsible for fraudulent […]

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Find Out What Visa’s Level 4 Merchant Changes Mean for Your Business

Big news this month from Visa! They recently announced that any businesses that process fewer than one million Visa transactions in person or 20,000 ecommerce transactions in both the United States and Canada are now considered Level 4 Merchants. It’s estimated that 90 percent of businesses who accept credit cards fall into this category. At the core […]

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How This Unusual Agreement Could Change Payment Processing

When most of us think of Visa and MasterCard, we generally think of them as competitors. And while that’s probably also how the companies think of each other, a recent announcement shows they’re not afraid to work together when an issue is mutually beneficial. The two companies recently announced that they’re working together on accelerating the adoption of […]

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Which Payment Processing Features Matter Most?

In the not-too-distant past, there were only a handful of payment processing options for most businesses. However, technology growth and other factors have helped bring far more providers into this space. Not only are there more options than ever, but single niche processors have even sprung up, furthering competition in specialized payment processing areas. While competition […]

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Could Data Breach Insurance Protect Your Business from Credit Card Fraud?

A data breach can be one of the worst things to happen to a business, causing difficult-to-repair reputation damage and taking a large chunk out of its budget. With data breach insurance, a company has the protection it needs to reduce financial loss in the event of a cyber attack. This insurance usually covers legal, […]

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Do Your Receipts Reveal Too Much Information?

At one time, businesses routinely put customers at risk by printing an entire credit card number on each receipt. But in 2003, the government passed into law the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA), which stipulates that companies cannot include more than five digits of a credit card number on a receipt. Additionally, expiration […]

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Will Contactless Payments Increase Fraud Risks?

Merchants and consumers have high hopes for the upcoming switch to EMV, assuming it will reduce fraud. But as consumers search for more convenient ways to pay, new concerns have emerged about security. Contactless payments allow customers to pay without swiping a card, whether they do so through a payment-enabled mobile device or a chip-equipped […]

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