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With so many credit card processing companies available to pick from, it can be a daunting task to find the one that is the perfect fit for your business. You want to make sure you find one that will have all the features and services you are looking for. Additionally, you want to make sure you pick a company that is solid and reputable
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When people think of credit card processing, often they associate it with customer-facing businesses like retailers and restaurants. However, as credit cards have become more prevalent, service-oriented businesses have found that it is the best way to process payments, as well. Instead of relying on paper checks, they’ve realized they can now accept credit card payments. Attorneys have long worked on a billing system, collecting hours and sending out invoices at designated periods. Clients traditionally simply mailed a check to pay fees each month, but in recent years new options have emerged. As with other service-based businesses, there are many benefits to offering credit cards as a payment option. Convenience Reduces Procrastination When a client is required to jump through hoops to make payments, he’s more likely to put it off for a later day. For attorneys who send bills electronically, notifications may come through while a client is running errands or racing from one business meeting to another. Paper-based bills arrive in the mail, where they can easily be set aside for payment as the deadline draws closer. When… Read more

As the weather starts to warm up, residents across the country will consider setting their belongings up on tables with price tags, hoping to make a little money while also getting rid of some unused items. If a yard sale is part of your warm-weather plans, you’ll face a few decisions, including one that may not have been a part of your last yard sale. Credit cards have increasingly been making an appearance at short-term events like flea markets and craft sales. Credit card companies now provide mobile card readers that allow anyone with a smartphone or tablet to accept plastic, giving everyone the chance to take credit card payments. This extends to the yard sale table, where homeowners are gradually phasing out the cashbox in favor of the swipe and sign. Make More Money One of the biggest objections homeowners have to credit card is the small fee charged on each transaction. However, research has shown that customers spend more when they’re paying by cash as opposed to credit. Cash-based customers are limited by the amount of money they… Read more

Site analytics have become an essential part of running an ecommerce operation. Unlike brick-and-mortar stores, a website separates a business from its customers, since they can’t personally witness them interacting with their products. Through the use of today’s advanced analytics software, an ecommerce site can determine information like which products are drawing interest, the exact point at which customers abandon shopping carts, and the time of day when customers are most likely to purchase. Payment processing providers have become increasingly aware of the importance of analytics to today’s business owners. If you own an ecommerce site, you may already have analytics in place for that end of things, but what about your payments? There are a variety of options that can help give you the information you need at no additional expense. National Sales Trends Most payment processors offer basic monthly reporting that details income and fees. However, this information is insufficient to make true business decisions. First Data offers its advanced analytics tools to merchants of all sizes through an online portal. These solutions include its patent-protected report that… Read more

Failure doesn’t seem to be part of the Google vocabulary, since everything the company does turns to gold. So when the company announced its Google Checkout solution was closing, it took the industry by surprise. But in fact, Google Checkout was one of multiple projects the company has shelved after failing to get the reception it expected. It is perhaps in knowing when to say goodbye to an idea that Google has found such success. But with consumers increasingly interested in finding easier way to pay for things, it seems the market would support multiple electronic payment options. In the end, though, the online payment processing service folded as Google chose to shift attention to its Google Wallet solution. Payment Processing Challenges While the abundance of payment processing solutions may create the appearance that running such a service is easy, in fact, operating such a service is much more complex. Payment processors must keep merchants happy while also satisfying its operating expenses. If fees are too high, merchants will simply choose a more affordable service, but if fees are too… Read more

Formerly Merchant Warehouse, Cayan continues to provide some of the most robust and modern processing solutions available to the industry. The rebranding of Cayan is perhaps the best indication that the company is committed to innovation and making sure its merchants are always one step ahead of its competitors. was able to catch up with SVP of Sales, Michael Gavin, to dig deeper into what Cayan has to offer and talk about some of the newest technology it has in the works. ********** Thanks for taking out the time to offer a closer look at Cayan’s payment technologies. To begin, when was Cayan founded and what are some of the best services it offers? Cayan™, formerly Merchant Warehouse, was founded in 1998. A privately held company that remains founder-led, we originally focused exclusively on credit card processing services for small and medium-sized businesses. Our major differentiator was providing low cost payment solutions and easy to access merchant accounts. Over the past 17 years we have continued to expand our products and solutions. Today, we offer a full suite of… Read more