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With so many credit card processing companies available to pick from, it can be a daunting task to find the one that is the perfect fit for your business. You want to make sure you find one that will have all the features and services you are looking for. Additionally, you want to make sure you pick a company that is solid and reputable
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Businesses are always searching for ways to promote themselves, paying extra money for ads, social media campaigns, and other marketing efforts. The more a brand can get its logo and images in front of customers, the better. A business can invest in billboards on every Interstate, but that kind of marketing often falls outside most advertising budgets. With a co-branded credit card, your business benefits from having a store-specific credit card without locking customers down to only using it at that location. The retailer’s name appears on the card along with the credit card company’s name. But customers can use the card almost anywhere. Here are a few ways a co-branded credit card can help your business. Increase Exposure Customers today rely heavily on their credit cards for making purchases. This means in a given day, they’ll likely withdraw that piece of plastic multiple times. It may be swiped through a pin pad or handed to a retailer to scan behind the counter. Each time, your business name and logo may be seen by that customer and anyone else in… Read more

Each summer, businesses across the country bring in temporary workers to handle operations. High school and college students are available all day, every day, generally at a rate that is much lower than non-student workers charge. But there are a few risks that come with bringing in a transient group of employees. The biggest risk is to your business’s reputation. You’ve worked hard to earn the trust of your customers and it’s important to keep that trust through the long summer months. One way to do this is to ensure your summer workers uphold your commitment to providing top-quality customer service. But perhaps more important than that is the safety of your customer data. A breach can devastate your reputation, costing you customers and hampering your ability to attract new ones. Here are a few procedures you should consider putting in place if you’re hiring temporary employees. No Money Handling There are likely numerous duties associated with day-to-day operations at your shop. One of those tasks involves accepting payments. You can avoid issues by only allowing long-term employees to handle… Read more

The idea sounds like a win for merchants, customers, and credit card companies: one card that holds all of a customer’s credit cards and loyalty account information, lightening wallets and reducing the risk of card loss. But as Coin prepares to start fulfilling orders this winter, merchants should be ready to start seeing them at their registers. Like other all-in-one credit cards, Coin will likely start trickling onto the market gradually. This means merchants won’t see a sudden switch from single-use cards to all-in-ones. In fact, most retailers will see one or two cards gradually trickle in, with employees unsure how to handle them when they first arrive. To begin to prepare, merchants should first know a few things about Coin and its peers. Secure and Convenient For customers, Coin offers a convenience that is currently unmatched. Many consumers are waiting for the day when they can import their credit card information into their smartphones, which will allow them to leave home with nothing more than a phone and driver’s license. Coin is a compromise between carrying multiple cards and… Read more

For decades, rent was paid using a personal check, handed over to a landlord within the first five days of the month. Some landlords collected rent in cash to avoid issues with insufficient funds in bank accounts. In recent years, however, landlords have turned to more reliable payment methods such as bank drafts and recurring credit card charges. Finding a way to set up these payments has remained challenging, though. By simplifying the process of setting up rent payments, landlords can increase their chances at getting paid without delay. There are numerous tools now available for electronic rental payments. Here are a few tools that can help landlords get paid faster, with some that include help with managing day-to-day activities. Rent Payment Through the RentPayment app, iOS device owners simply download the app, snap a picture of a credit or debit card, and start paying rent. An Android app is on the way that will offer similar updated functionality. In the meantime, Android device owners can use the existing app, which requires renters manually enter the credit card number for… Read more

When a restaurant customer pays for a meal using a credit card, that customer expects that the tip amount left on the receipt will be the one entered into the system. The vast majority of the time, that’s exactly what happens. However, occasionally a customer compares his online statement to his receipt and finds a major discrepancy. When that happens, the restaurant finds out the hard way that one of its employees is committing tip fraud. With tip fraud, an unscrupulous employee alters the amount left on the tip line. In some cases, numbers can easily be changed and if the server doesn’t get greedy, many customers will never notice. All it takes, however, is one meticulous customer to bust the entire operation wide open. It’s usually on a matter of time before a customer calls a restaurant out for tip fraud and when it happens, it puts the entire restaurant’s reputation at risk. Here are a few things you should do to keep your customers safe. Choose Employees Carefully Internal theft prevention starts during the hiring process. When you… Read more