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With so many credit card processing companies available to pick from, it can be a daunting task to find the one that is the perfect fit for your business. You want to make sure you find one that will have all the features and services you are looking for. Additionally, you want to make sure you pick a company that is solid and reputable.
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Any business that accepts credit or debit cards needs a machine to process their transactions. In the very recent past, cash registers were generally the only affordable machine for small and medium businesses. Even though this kind of machine can get the job done of processing card transactions, it lacks numerous features that are now readily available from other devices. The types of devices that make many more features readily available are point-of-sale systems. With a quality POS system, businesses can noticeably streamline their operations. These systems go beyond simply processing transactions and can offer everything from inventory management to marketing channels. Top Reasons to Consider a POS System Now that a variety of POS systems are readily available to businesses of all sizes, there are a number of reasons to consider using one. The first reason is the ability to improve customer transactions. Instead of needing to manually input transaction details, a POS system can ensure this process is carried out automatically. In fact, a point-of-sale system can go a step further and provide specialty functions that different types… Read more

If you’re shopping around for credit card processing, you may have come across one or more companies advertising free processing. Although free processing is a very appealing proposition, it’s important to understand that this type of advertising is nothing more than a misleading tactic. To understand why that’s true, we’re going to cover a few facts of the credit card processing industry, along with what you can do to actually get the best possible rate on processing. Fees for Credit Card Processing Whenever a customer pays a business with a credit card, the standard practice is for the business to pay an interchange fee. An interchange is the money that’s transferred from an acquiring bank to the issuing one. The fee is for the processing associated with an interchange. Interchange fees are set by card brands like Visa, and there’s no actual way to get around them. The Reality of Free Credit Card Processing So, how are companies able to advertise free processing without getting shut down? The answer is they do have a way to offer zero fee processing.… Read more

Much of the media attention surrounding the 2016 Summer Olympics is focused on the Zika virus. While some athletes and members of the media have made the decision to skip the Olympics as a result of this situation, the event continues to move forward as planned. Part of those plans include Visa being the only card accepted at official venues. In addition to the company’s exclusive access to the half a million people that are expected to attend the Olympics, Visa is using this event to roll out a new piece of wearable payment technology. Although this new offering won’t be available to the public this summer, it will be on sponsored athletes who will continue testing the device during the Summer Games. Visa’s New Payment Ring Unlike wearable payment technology like watches that we’ve covered in previous posts, Visa’s new device takes the form of a ring. Not only is that a new form for payment technology, but the company’s ring doesn’t require a phone or wallet. To top things off, the device works without a battery. Although the… Read more

One of the reasons we create our annual list of the best credit card processing companies and regularly publish new articles for business owners is the processing industry can be quite confusing. Although every provider promises that the services they offer are simple and easy, that’s not the experience many business owners have. For example, a business may be pressured into signing up with a processor with expectations that they’ll receive a straightforward bill each month. Then when they receive their first one, the fees and terms they see on it may not be what they were expecting at all. Making Sense of Credit Card Processing Terms In addition to using the resources we publish on our site, it can be very helpful to know what certain terms mean in advance. By having this knowledge, you’ll be able to make the most informed decisions about potential processing companies. The first term we want to cover is advertised rate. This term refers to the rate you’ll see when you look at different processing companies online. While companies do actually offer these… Read more

Does your business send paper invoices or bills on a regular basis? If so, you’re probably well aware that the total cost of this activity exceeds the price of first class postage. Although it can be easy to overlook, it’s common for a significant number of hidden costs to accumulate with paper invoicing or billing. That’s why we want to cover where those costs occur, as well as what you can do to eliminate them: 3 Additional Costs Associated with Paper Invoices and Bills The first cost associated with these types of payment notifications is the labor that’s required to compile and get them sent. The second cost is supplies like paper, toner and envelopes. While those items may not seem like much, they can really add up for businesses that send out a lot. Finally, there’s an additional labor cost for dealing with mistakes or unpaid invoices. Those types of issues can also have a negative impact on cash flow. It’s also worth mentioning that for businesses interested in being eco-friendly, using lots of paper is not ideal. Say… Read more