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In addition to its unique cartoonish logo, Yoozy has an attention-grabbing promise. If the processing service can’t save a business money, they’ll hand over $500 in cash. On average, Yoozy says it saves its customers 25%-30% each month on processing costs—a savings that is experienced immediately. To meet its promise, Yoozy asks merchants to provide three months of statements from their processing providers. The company then crunches the numbers to find ways to help save money. Merchants can also earn $100 cash for every successful referral of a business owner. However, according to a resolved complaint with the Better Business Bureau, the company charges an application fee that may not be refundable, even if the company declines to sign you as a processor.

Customizable Solutions

Yoozy assigns a personal representative to each merchant. This representative can act as a consultant to provide advice on ways to save money on processing costs and maximize cash flow. Merchants have access to a wide range of features with Yoozy, including the ability to accept credit cards featuring the latest chip-based technology. Funds from credit card transactions are available the next day and each transaction is secured and PCI compliant. For the many businesses now accepting payments online, Yoozy offers a secure payment processing gateway that is easy to set up and manage. This setup can also be used as a virtual terminal to accept payments in person, including the ability to swipe cards through the system. In addition to its payment processing features, Yoozy can also be used for invoicing and bill payment. Recurring billing can be set up through this module, along with automatic email invoices, notifications, and receipts for payments.


Merchants can choose from a large selection of the latest payment processing equipment, including dial terminals, mobile terminals, contactless payment equipment, check scanners, tableside payment terminals, and kitchen display systems for restaurants.

Customer Service

A personal representative is assigned to each merchant at the time of signing, with the goal of helping merchants find ways to save money even after they’ve signed up for services. A dedicated customer support hotline is designed to assist merchants with any help they need and tech support is available to merchants who use Yoozy’s processing services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Good

The latest equipment and technology at affordable prices.

Commitment to always provide the lowest pricing available on services.

The Bad

Fees aren’t disclosed on the website.

And The Ugly

An application fee may be non-refundable, even if Yoozy declines a merchant.

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