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Wells Fargo’s pricing is individualized, with rates determined using a variety of criteria. The company promises discounted rates to merchants, designing a solution that meets a business’s needs as well as fitting with its current budget. Currently, Wells Fargo is offering a $100 discount to those who open a new merchant services account. After contacting Wells Fargo, merchants are given a rate that includes all interchange fees and assessments. A merchant’s rate is based on the type of transactions that will be conducted, the type of credit and debit cards that will be accepted, the speed of each transaction, and how the merchant account will be set up, among other criteria.


Wells Fargo has long been a respected name in finance, serving a multinational clientele. The company is the fourth largest bank in America and is widely respected among businesses and consumers. Like many of its competitors, Wells Fargo recognizes the rapidly changing landscape of merchant payment processing and has come up with multiple solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Through Wells Fargo’s merchant services, businesses can accept most major credit and debit cards, checks, cash, and gift and loyalty cards. Merchants can take payments in a retail location, online, by phone, or while on the go. Wells Fargo provides both the equipment and software businesses need to manage transactions efficiently, with each solution being easy to learn and maintain.

Wells Fargo implements state-of-the-art security in each of its payment solutions, including a secure online payment gateway. These solutions integrate fully with a merchant’s existing store for easy payment processing within a business’s current online environment. Additionally, Wells Fargo offers solutions for recurring billing, customer credit card vault storage, mobile phone payments, and more.

When a business partners with Wells Fargo for payment processing, it can take advantage of the company’s years of experience. Payments are processed quickly, often appearing in business accounts by the next day. The company has an extensive payment network, as well as ensuring industry compliance. Wells Fargo helps merchants reduce risk and fraud, keeping customer information as safe as possible while funds are in transit.


Equipment will arrive within one day after approval of a new account, with terminals fully programmed and ready to use. These terminals are tested before shipment to pinpoint any problems before they arrive at a merchant’s location. Equipment cost is determined as part of Wells Fargo’s partnership pricing, with prices determined by the same criteria used to set monthly pricing.


Wells Fargo offers phone support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Businesses can also get support via secure email, as well as access the company’s online knowledgebase for answers to commonly-asked questions.


Wells Fargo is a respected name in banking for businesses around the globe, offering merchants the protection of working with a leader in the industry

Discount opportunities available


Rates aren’t fixed and are instead based on a business’s individual needs and demands, so businesses will have to contact Wells Fargo for a quote before making a decision


Equipment comes at an additional cost, which is disappointing since it comes standard for many competitors


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