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Since 1998, Transfirst has been helping businesses accept credit cards from their customers. Not only does Transfirst have an A+ rating from The Better Business Bureau for trust and customer service, but they also offer a 30 day risk-free trial. Whether you are looking to process credit cards online, use a wireless device, a point of sale terminal, computer software or a phone – Transfirst has credit card processing solutions to meet your needs.

Transfirst Merchant Account Services

For internet business owners, Transfirst offers Ecommerce merchant accounts so you can accept credit cards online.  The shopping cart integrate with your website, connects to the payment gateway and transmit customer payment information for processing.  Some merchant account providers charge higher fees to company’s processing credit cards online, but Transfirst does not charge more for internet transactions compared to keyed transactions.

For businesses using QuickBooks for bookkeeping, Transfirst offers a QuickBooks merchant account which allows you to accept all major credit cards directly from QuickBooks without any additional equipment.  You can use the Transfirst QuickBooks merchant account for recurring payments, with an optional USB swiper, or with the free online virtual terminal.

Transfirst Covers High Risk Customers

Some businesses have a difficult time getting approved for a merchant account due to their classification as a “high risk” business.  For businesses located internationally, it can be impossible to get a US merchant account, but Transfirst can often provide an international merchant account to businesses provided their activities are legal and not adult-related.

Transfirst Offers Backup Credit Card Processing Method

If you are using the phone processing system, or any credit card processing system that is not functioning properly, without a backup credit card processing method you would have to tell your customers you are currently only accepting cash.  For customers who only carry their credit and debit cards, this could mean many lost sales.  To assist business owners in the event their main credit card processing method fails, Transfirst offers a credit card manual imprinter.  The card is placed on a small unit which has carbon paper.  A plastic arm is pushed over the credit card to make a physical imprint of the card on the carbon paper.  One receipt is given to the customer and one is kept to process the payment.

Traveling Business Owners

Transfirst offers several credit card processing options for traveling business owners – whether you operate home party direct sales or provide services on location or participate in vendor events – accepting credit cards on the road has become a common need of many different business types.  You can choose from Dialpay, a phone credit card processing service that allows you to dial a toll free number and manually enter credit card details on a touch tone phone; wireless processing with a cord-free terminal to swipe cards and save the information until you arrive at a location to process the payment (or you can use the small unit to turn your laptop into an inexpensive point of sale terminal!); and Payfox – the up and coming method of turning your smartphone into a credit card terminal.

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