The Why and How of Adding Live Chat to Your Website

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If you sell products or services through your website, some people are going to have questions that they want to be answered before buying. While descriptions and FAQs can go a long way towards answering many of those questions, it’s not always possible to anticipate every single question someone might have before they ever ask it.

The good news is there’s a very effective tool for connecting with these types of people and converting them into customers. That tool is live chat. By adding this piece of software to your website, visitors can begin chatting with you or a member of your team in just a matter of seconds. To get a better understanding of what makes live chat so great, we’re going to look at a few of its key benefits, as well as cover several of the most popular tools:

5 Reasons to Add Live Chat to Your Website

The first reasons to use this tool is multiple studies have shown that it directly boosts sales and conversions. The average B2B company sees a 20% lift in conversions by using live chat, while 35% of general consumers have stated that being able to chat persuaded them to buy.

The next benefit is live chat can actually reduce your support costs. Although it may initially seem like it will increase them, the reason that’s not true is a single member of your team can easily manage 4-6 chats at the same time. This is far more effective than phone support. An added benefit is it cuts wait times for customers.

Another reason to start using live chat now is you’ll have a competitive advantage. Despite its effectiveness, live chat is still not a widespread standard. This advantage ties into the next benefit, which is building trust. Being able to chat will give your site an actual personality.

The last reason we want to highlight is increasing order size. Because chat provides an easy way to offer relevant recommendations, it’s not uncommon to see an average order value increase of 15% after implementation.

The 3 Best Live Chat Tools

Now that we’ve covered what makes live chat such a useful tool, let’s dive into a few of the different offerings that are available. The 3 options that routinely make the top of lists are LiveChat, LiveAgent and Zendesk chat.

Each of these tools offers canned responses, geo-targeting, offline forms, proactive chat and lots of third-party integrations. Because each of the three takes a slightly different approach to pricing, it’s worth looking over each to see which one is the best fit for your specific situation.

While live chat is great, it’s just one of many ways to optimize your website. If you’re interested in expanding the payment functionality of your site as well, choosing to partner with a top payment processor can provide access to exactly what you need.

Posted on Wednesday, September 5th, 2018