The 2017 Holiday Shopping Guide – 5 Gifts You Can’t Miss

holiday gift guide

Whether you’re just getting started with your Christmas shopping or are down to the last few people on your list, it’s always nice to have some inspiration. For the business owner in your life, consider gifting them one of the following gadgets – they’re sure to help make day-to-day business and payment processing easier to handle. Plus, these technological advancements are changing the way we communicate and live. Don’t miss out!

2017 Holiday Gift Guide

1. iPhone X

If you want to make someone on your list extremely happy this Christmas, you can’t go wrong with the iPhone X. This device has a completely new screen design, Face ID and much more. Not only is this phone changing the mobile experience, but it also has a number of features that make it easier than ever to pay on the go.

2. PlayStation VR

Although there are many different uses for VR, gaming remains one of the most compelling. If there’s someone in your life who enjoys gaming consoles, the PlayStation VR is a great option. In fact, some retailers are running even better promos on this console than they did for Black Friday, which means you can pick up a bundle for just $199.

3. Bitcoin Wallet

This cryptocurrency went on a massive run after Thanksgiving. While no one can predict where Bitcoin’s value will go, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the same type of spike after Christmas. Since more people are getting into Bitcoin, a really cool gift idea is a physical wallet. This item looks like a USB stick and allows someone to securely store their Bitcoin holdings. Two options worth looking into are the Trezor and Nano S. It will also be interesting to see what kind of waves Bitcoin continues to make across the payment landscape in 2018.

4. Amazon Echo Show

Amazon continued to make it clear in 2017 that they’re not afraid to enter new verticals. From their acquisition of Whole Foods to the innovations they keep making within payments, Amazon continues their march toward ubiquity. If you’re looking for a gadget gift that will help you stay connected with someone on your list, be sure to take a look at the Echo Show. This 7-inch device makes it easy to enjoy video content, as well as use the built-in camera for fun video calls.

5. Ring

No list of hot gadgets in 2017 would be complete without mentioning the Ring. This video doorbell gadget has absolutely exploded. Since making an appearance on Shark Tank, this device has set some incredible sales records on platforms like QVC. This gadget works on every home, even if there isn’t an existing doorbell. Once the easy installation is complete, Ring makes it possible to see, hear and speak to guests from a phone or computer. Given the success of this device, it will be interesting to see what other home gadgets pop up during the next 12 months, including ones aimed at streamlining payments.

If you haven’t started your shopping, it’s not too late! These gadgets aren’t just fun, they’re changing the way we experience technology. Give a gift that will keep on giving. Happy holidays!



Posted on Thursday, December 14th, 2017