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TD Bank’s rates are top secret, with the company preferring to quote prices on an individual basis. The company has acquired white label solutions from leading payments processor Beanstream, which reportedly has rates in line with many other providers in the industry. Beanstream also charges no monthly minimum or early termination fee, so merchants should look closely at the terms of service with TD Bank to make sure these benefits apply to those accounts, as well. Interested merchants need only to complete a brief questionnaire with basic information to get a rate quote from a TD Bank representative. The company promises merchants will be contacted within one business day, so an interested business should be able to get the information they need quickly.


TD Bank works with merchants in a variety of industries, tailoring each processing solution to a business’s needs. This goes beyond simply setting up a point of sale (POS) system that serves an establishment’s customers, it also includes reporting and receipt options customized to businesses in that particular industry. Restaurants, for instance, will have the ability to process tips along with payments, along with pulling reports detailing specific activities related to servers, tips, summaries, and more. Hotels and other establishments can take advantage of TD Bank’s tailored lodging solutions, which honor the need to handle multiple card not present transactions throughout the day securely. Retailers can access a solution that includes state-of-the-art POS, telephone capture, and wireless processing.

In addition to setting up POS in store locations, TD Bank can set up merchants to accept recurring payments for subscriptions. Utilities, insurance companies, and other businesses have found that TD Bank’s solution is easy to set up and manage. For healthcare organizations, TD Bank also provides credit and debit card solutions that eliminate the need for ongoing receivables, effectively reducing overall operating costs over time. TD Bank also adds on gift card capabilities, as well as eMerchant View, giving businesses insight into accounts 24 hours a day. With the company’s resource center, a merchant can learn everything it needs to know about PCI compliance, risk and fraud prevention, best practices for particular transactions, and much more. For additional assistance, merchants can contact a merchant services expert for one-on-one assistance.


Businesses that use TD Bank for processing services have access to state-of-the-art POS systems that meet their individual needs. No mobile card readers are mentioned on the merchant’s list of services, however, and details aren’t provided about the hardware they provide.


In addition to eMerchantView, which gives 24/7 online access to the company’s resource center, merchants have access to customer support via a toll-free telephone number 24 hours a day.


State-of-the-art processing solutions for a variety of industries

Solutions and reporting are customized to meet a merchant’s specific business needs


Since fee information is not disclosed, a business will be unable to determine if TD Bank is a viable solution without a consultation


No mention of online or mobile payment processing is made on the company’s list of merchant services

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