Square Card Readers Now Available at Retail Locations Nationwide

If official: The person-to-person credit card processing revolution has started. Square, the mobile processing dongle is being sold for a paltry $9.95 in Walgreens, Staples, FedEx, Best Buy and Apple stores across the nation and is being paired with a $10 rebate after a user signs up for the service, making the hardware essentially free to consumers.

Though the processing fees are a little higher than traditional payment processors, users embrace the convenience of being able to conduct transactions on the go. Some businesses rely solely on Square for their transactions, opting for mobility over clunky terminals. Though security concerns persist, Square has proven itself to be a reliable service which seems to be prioritized over fees for businesses that only conduct a handful of card transactions each month.

Square is a leader in mobile processing, having rolled out their device in May of 2010, the company quickly captured the imagination of credit card processors around the world as the future of transactions. The beauty lies in the simplicity of the application — no need for a terminal, your smartphone’s earphone jack is all you need to connect to the digital transaction landscape.

Posted on Wednesday, June 6th, 2012