Solutions to 5 Common e-Commerce Challenges

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Even though the e-commerce landscape is quite competitive, it still offers an amazing way to sell to customers across the United States and even the globe. If your business already has an e-commerce site online but it’s not driving the level of results you want, there are a number of ways to improve it. To help you out, here are solutions to five of the most common challenges merchants face with e-commerce:

  1. Slow Load Times

Consumers expect websites to load quickly. And if a site doesn’t load, people are going to leave. That’s why when Amazon did an internal case study about speed, they found that over the course of a year, a single second of lag time would cost them over a billion dollars in sales! What makes this situation more challenging is e-commerce platforms often have complex features that can slow them down. You can avoid this problem by running a speed test, identifying any sources of slowness and then changing or eliminating them.

  1. Poor Mobile Performance

A big part of why people are buying more online than ever before is they no longer need to be in front of a computer to make purchases. Instead, they can just pull out their phones. However, you will only benefit from this consumer behavior if your site performs great on smaller screens. If this is currently a problem area, a great way to start remedying it is by switching to a responsive web design.

  1. Lack of Engagement

Social media has transformed the Internet from a publishing platform into a two-way communication channel. People want to be able to chat and express their opinions online. So if you don’t feel as connected to your customers as you would like, the good news is there are several ways to change this. The first is to increase your social media activity on both Facebook and Instagram. You can also increase engagement by using your email list to interact with potential and current customers on a regular basis.

  1. Not Enough Traffic

Because there is so much competition online, simply having an e-commerce site up and running is not enough to guarantee that people will visit it. If a lack of traffic is the reason your site isn’t generating the type of revenue you’d like, there are both short and longer-term strategies. In the short-term, paid advertising through Facebook or AdWords can start bringing in targeted visitors right away. Just keep a close eye on your spending. And for long-term traffic, making the right SEO content and link investments can really pay off down the line.

  1. Low Conversion Rate

What happens if people are coming to your site but not buying? One way to start figuring out what’s keeping your conversion rate low is to install a live chat tool. This can help you identify any technical or other obstacles. A less than ideal payment experience is a common culprit. If you find out that people are having trouble when they want to check out, switching to a leading processor can solve this problem for you.

Posted on Monday, September 24th, 2018