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SecurePay has pricing plans for a variety of business needs, from small- to high-volume merchants. For those who process less than 75 transactions each month, SecurePay offers a pay-as-you-go plan that costs only $0.45 per transaction. This plan comes with an annual charge of $395. Larger-volume merchants are better off with SecurePay’s prepaid plans. For $800, businesses can process 3,000 transactions. This cost comes out to $0.27 per transaction with no annual fee. This plan is ideal for those processing 76 to 5,000 transactions per month. For merchants handling more than 5,000 transactions each month, SecurePay’s custom pricing is a better option. Merchants can contact SecurePay for a custom quote.


SecurePay focuses on variety, giving businesses of all sizes in all industries a diverse group of payment processing options. As with many payment processing services, the company’s most popular offering is its credit card processing services, which allow businesses to accept payments through their websites and in retail locations with real-time authentication. All solutions are PCI compliant and secure.

In-person transactions are facilitated through SecurePay’s virtual terminal software, which allows a business to begin accepting payments using a PC. Electronic checks can also be processed through the virtual terminal, with setup easy enough to be accomplished without technical support. SecurePay utilizes to help keep customer credit card as safe as possible as it passes from a business’s site through the system for authorization and payment.

With EasyShop, SecurePay makes it easy for merchants to set up payment acceptance functionality through existing sites. Following the easy-to-understand steps, merchants can have payment functionality up and running in no time. A more complex shopping cart solution is available through EasyShop Deluxe, which allow for more customizability. Sites can set up product listing pages where customers can add items to shopping carts with one click, even choosing from different color and size options.

As businesses accept payments, SecurePay Insights tracks sales and customer activity, helping merchants learn more about shoppers. The dashboard takes merchants beyond simple sales information, helping businesses watch their online reputations, notifying them when information is posted online about them. This includes alerts when review are posted on sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor.


SecurePay’s payment processing solution is virtual, allowing businesses to utilize the PC they already have. To process mobile payments, merchants are provided an Aircharge card swiper that interacts with a merchant’s smartphone. This card reader includes a receipt printer as part of the device.


Support for credit card processing solutions is available by phone, online support ticket, or email. Support hours aren’t listed on the company’s website.


Payment rates based on a business’s processing volume. Prepaid rates allow businesses to pay only for the swipes they use

SecurePay Insights goes beyond payment analytics to also notify businesses when information is posted online about their brands


Customer service hours aren’t listed


In-store payment processing is only available via virtual terminal, which limits those business that want a traditional POS setup


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