San Francisco Taxi Drivers Lash Out at the Municipal Transporation Agency

Bad news for San Francisco’s taxi drivers who bemoaned a city ordinance implemented last July that required all drivers to accept credit and debit cards at an astounding 5 percent transaction fee — the Municipal Transportation Agency is requiring all cabs to install terminals in cabs instead of allowing for mobile processing, a move which has taxi drivers questioning the city’s motive.

Some drivers are suggesting that the city is trying to raise additional revenue for other transportation services, but the city insists it is merely a move at making taxis for accessible for a city that relies heavily on public transportation.

Though the city has agreed to lower the 5 percent processing fee down to 3.5 percent, it wasn’t enough to quell the outrage of the drivers, most of which believe the companies that employ them should be covering the fees.

Taxi drivers in San Francisco work as independent contractors and have to rent the cars from the companies they work with. Many cab drivers don’t turn a profit on a day’s work until five to six hours into a shift and as such, each dollar adds up to them.

Tensions between drivers, cab companies and the city have been high for years and at this point, will probably continue for quite sometime until an amicable solution can be reached between all three parties.

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Posted on Thursday, June 7th, 2012