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With swipe rates as low as 1.85 percent, Sage Payment Solutions is striving to compete with the many other credit card processing tools on the market today. Sage’s rates are quoted on a per-business basis, and each swipe will also be charged a $0.12 transaction fee. Sage’s credit card processing solution appeals especially to current users of the company’s accounting software. Payments integrate seamlessly with your existing Sage software to allow for easy management of all billing and tax processes.


Sage Payment Solutions offers a variety of ways for you to accept credit cards, including POS terminals, virtual terminals, mobile payments, and electronic checks. The variety of options makes Sage popular with retailers in a variety of industries, from restaurants to clothing stores to service-based businesses.

If you have multiple locations, Sage’s real-time messaging function will be especially appealing. You can send messages directly to all terminals at once and real-time couponing lets you add coupons to terminals via the Sage Exchange portal. Because Sage offers a variety of POS terminal solutions, you can choose the one that works best for you, whether you’re utilizing a dial-up or Ethernet connection.

In addition to POS terminals, Sage can also provide a card reader for processing payments through a mobile device. The reader is compatible with Apple and Android devices, with each payment deposited in your bank account within 48 hours. There are no added fees for accepting mobile transactions and Sage’s end-to-end encryption ensures your customer data is safe.

For most businesses today, accepting online payments is a must. Sage’s virtual terminal provides a secure, reliable payment processing service for all of your online transactions. You can even set up your site to accept recurring payments directly from a customer’s checking account. This will eliminate the process of waiting for a paper check to arrive in the mail, only to turn around and take it to the bank the next day.


Once you’ve obtained your free quote from Sage, you’ll be equipped with all of the materials needed to accept payments. This includes POS systems for your storefronts as well as any mobile card readers. There is an extra charge for POS terminals, but Sage will work with you to find the best setup for your space.


Sage offers support to its customers through a knowledgebase, as well as by live chat and phone. The company prides itself on helping businesses carry out services as effectively as possible. This is key in times where you just don’t have the answers. Sage will work with you to ensure that your customers are happy and that you, as the customer, are happy.


Sage is a full-service solution that handles every aspect of a business’ accounting and payment acceptance


You’ll have to get a quote before you will know if Sage’s pricing is competitive with other solutions


Contact information is required for a quote, so be prepared to be added to a mailing list

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