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Promising some of the most competitive rates in the industry, Regal Payment Systems specializes in getting merchants up and running quickly. While it doesn’t disclose its fees publicly, the company does sign merchants to a multi-year contracts with an undetermined early termination fee. Regal’s focus is on providing world-class customer service, promising that the vast majority of issues will be resolved in one phone call. The company employs a team of professionals who have decades of experience in the payment processing industry, which is likely responsible for its stellar Better Business Bureau rating and lack of customer complaints.

Customizable Solutions

Whether a merchant has an existing solution or is starting from scratch, Regal Payment Solutions can help. In some instances an existing terminal can be qualified by one of their technicians to allow a merchant to accept payments without changing equipment. The processor offers solutions for both on-premise and card-not-present transactions with customized point of sale environments for each. Regal Payment Systems’ software can be used with a PC to process payments and manage invoices. For on-premise payment acceptance, merchants can choose from a variety of credit card terminals, PIN pads, check readers and contactless payment solutions to help customers pay for goods and services securely and conveniently. Merchants also have access to the latest mobile payment technology through Regal Payment Systems, with three separate types of mobile card readers. Regal also offers a variety of customer-focused solutions, including the ability to deploy and manage gift and loyalty card programs. Regal’s solutions can be customized to work with any qualified business, regardless of the industry. From restaurants to service businesses and beyond, Regal not only provides processing services, but merchant account services to ensure business runs smoothly. With Regal’s next-day funding, merchants will be able to maintain steady cash flow throughout the year.


Regal Payment Solutions can reprogram existing terminals or supply merchants with equipment from some of the best manufacturers in the industry, including VeriFone, First Data, and Hypercom.

Customer Service

With 24/7/365 access to support professionals, merchants can access the help they need, when they need it. The processor strives to resolve every issue on the first call to let merchants get back to the business of doing business.

The Good

24/7/365 customer support from qualified support professionals.

Variety of solutions with hardware from top manufacturers.

The Bad

Fees and contract terms aren’t publicly disclosed.

And the Ugly

Long-term contract with undisclosed early termination fee.

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