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While PNC Merchant Services doesn’t post rate information publicly, the company promises competitive rates. In fact, currently the company promises to beat a business’s current processing costs or provide a $1,000 Visa giftcard from PNC if they can’t. This offer is subject to credit approval. Businesses that sign up for PNC’s POS solution are currently eligible for a $200 cash back offer. Many consumer complaints about PNC Merchant Services hint at high cancellation fees, with the company’s early cancellation fee reportedly being as high as $900. This rate is above industry standards, so merchants should be wary of this when signing the initial paperwork. The fee is based on the number of months left on a merchant’s contract at the time of cancellation, so if it is to be negotiated, it should be done at the time of signing.


PNC Merchant Services offers processing tailored to specific industries. Retail and restaurants, professional services, healthcare services, general business, business to business, and eCommerce business each can sign up for payment solutions that meet their individual needs. Each type of business has unique needs when it comes to accepting payments and PNC Merchant Services works to offer solutions that help them serve their customers better. Merchants also have access to a variety of ways to accept payments. In-store retailers have access to Point of Sale (POS) systems that can efficiently process basic card processing, checks, and cash. Using these terminals, merchants can also accept payments by telephone and mail if necessary. Because multiple cashiers can utilize the same register, these systems are perfect for implementing in storefronts, restaurants, and grocery stores.

Mobile payments are more important than ever for merchants. PNC Merchant Services empowers businesses to accept payments anywhere using a portable terminal or card reader that interacts with a smartphone or tablet. Receipts can be automatically emailed and reports can be accessed from mobile devices or PCs for a summary of the day’s activities. Businesses can bring in extra income by offering gift cards to customers. PNC allows merchants to personalize cards with their own logos, colors, and branding to enhance the experience. Cards are integrated with a business’s POS to help protect against fraud. Setup, reporting, and billing is automated to make implementing a new gift card program simple for merchants.


For in-store POS, PNC uses The Clover Station, a register that includes a touchscreen tablet with a built-in card swiper, a cash drawer, and a receipt printer. For mobile payments, merchants can choose from a First Data wireless terminal, a First Data card reader that works with a user’s mobile device, or a PNC Bank Pogo card for mobile devices.


Merchants have access to 24/7 customer support via telephone or a Contact Request Form that requests a call from merchant services.


Powerful suite of solutions utilizing some of the best hardware on the market today

Solutions are tailored to the type of business


Rate information is not disclosed on the processor’s website


Early termination may come with an exorbitant fee

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