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One monthly payment buys merchants a full suite of options, including an unlimited number of customers, invoices, recurring business schedules, customizable email templates, and branded web payment forms. A monthly subscription also wins customers a free mobile app and award-winning customer service. A monthly PaySimple account is $34.95, which the provider points out is equal to the cost of three lunches. This monthly fee allows merchants to enjoy a low swipe rate of 2.39 percent plus $0.29 and a flat $0.55 ACH.


With a variety of payment processing solutions available to businesses today, PaySimple sets itself apart with its easy-to-use interface. Using PaySimple, merchants can accept every type of payment available today, from online payments to mobile swipers to virtual POS systems. By offering these functionalities in one interface, PaySimple merchants can pay one monthly fee to access everything.

For online payments, PaySimple merchants can easily create online payment forms to make the process as straightforward as possible for customers. Online customers can pay using a major credit card or by echeck. This online payment capability also extends to a business’s in-store sales, with merchants able to accept payments using PaySimple on a tablet or smartphone using a card swiping device.

PaySimple’s features extend beyond simple purchases, however. The interface allows for billing management, with businesses able to set up electronic billing directly in the system. Merchants can send e-invoices, set up recurring billing, deliver receipts through email, and track customer activity directly within PaySimple. The schedule is set by the merchant to help ensure payments are made when they business needs them to be.

The system is automatically updated each time a payment is made, no matter whether the payment is made through a mobile swipe, online payment, or recurring billing. The system also keeps up with customer information, including payment histories, to allow merchants to easily find the information they need to interact with their customers and clients. If a business already has a system in place, importing that information into PaySimple is easy. The company’s customer support will work with each business to make the transition as smooth as possible.


PaySimple works with a business’ existing equipment, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Primarily, it is a software solution, with a web interface that connects businesses to the server for payment acceptance and processing. The only additional hardware needed is a mobile card reader, provided by PaySimple, for accepting payments on mobile devices.


While PaySimple prides itself on being easy to use, the company also promotes award-winning customer support, included free with each monthly plan. The Support Center includes a searchable knowledge base with articles and video tutorials. For customized support, users can place a support ticket directly within the Support Center. Customer service is also available through a toll-free phone number from 8am-8pm ET, live chat, and email.


For one flat monthly fee, merchants can have access to a full suite of virtual payment acceptance methods, including electronic billing


PaySimple doesn’t offer a traditional POS option, so retailers will be required to process all payments through a PC, tablet, or smartphone


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