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Realizing the unfair advantage that larger corporations have when competing for credit card processing fees, Payment Depot has long championed an approach that favors smaller businesses. Even though some companies don’t have the same negotiating powers as much larger corporations, Payment Depot allows them to receive similar discounts by eliminating markup fees.

Compared to costs associated with processor markup, Payment Depot’s website claims it can save customers around 40% on processing fees by switching over to a simple per transaction rate. With specialized solutions for Retail, Restaurant, Internet and Mobile sellers, you can rest assured that Payment Depot has a processing solution that could work for you.

Credit Card Processing Solutions

With a bold plan to help merchants of all sizes compete on a more level playing field, Payment Depot offers processing services without any markup on transactions. Merchants can save a great deal by using predictable flat rates on each and every transaction, as opposed to complicated percentages that just take more and more money as your total sales goes up.

Starter—Payment Depot’s cheapest subscription rate, though the transaction rates are slightly higher. Recommended for companies that have around five sales a day.

Most Popular—As its name implies, Most Popular offers a low subscription cost with low per transaction fees. Payment Depot recommends this plan if you do 10 or more sales per day.

Enterprise—Offering a higher subscription rate offset by Payment Depot’s lowest per transaction rate, Enterprise is recommended for merchants that process 20 or more sales per day.

Internet—Payment Depot makes online payment easy, since its free payment gateway integrates seamlessly with most online shopping carts.

Mobile—Easily accept payments wherever you go using an iPhone or Android device. This can be a very helpful and cost effective solution for merchants that are constantly on the go.

Regardless of your equipment needs, Payment Depot has an array of solutions that could work for you. If you already own equipment, you could have your equipment reprogramed by the company’s technicians free of charge. For people accepting credit card purchases for the first time, Payment Depot also offers a full line of terminals starting at only $49—which includes options for dial up, Ethernet and PIN pad readers, just to name a few.


Taking no percentage of your sales, it stands to reason that Payment Depot’s overall cost could be lower for most merchants than a lot of competing companies. By paying subscription and per transaction fees, Payment Depot claims that merchants can save an average of 40% on the total cost of their transactions. To meet the needs of as many merchants as possible, Payment Depot offers the following pricing plans.

Subscription Transaction
Starter $20.00/mo $0.25 each
Most Popular $40.00/mo $0.15 each
Enterprise $60.00/mo $0.10 each

If you have specific demands of your processing, however, you can always call a Payment Depot service representative to discuss a potential customized plan. In general, Payment Depot uses the following practices for all of its subscription plans.

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Processor Highlights

  • Ecommerce, Mobile and Retail
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Could save merchants an average of 40%
  • Simple, flat-rate transactions for all card types
  • Online application that takes as little as 10 minutes
  • Month to month membership with no cancellation fee
  • Can reprogram your terminals for compatibility
  • New terminals start as low as $49
  • Use or Payment Depot’s custom gateway
  • Next day funding
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