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For businesses processing more than $10,000 in payments each month, PayJunction is a winning solution. PayJunction offers wholesale pricing to these high-volume merchants, passing only the interchange rate plus 0.75 percent. There are no monthly, annual, PCI, or Gateway fees and no contract is required. These businesses also pay no exit fee if they suddenly decide they no longer want the service. Interchange pricing falls at 0.05 percent plus $0.20 for debit, 1.51 percent plus $0.10 for swiped retail, and 1.80 percent plus $0.10 for ecommerce. For businesses with lower transaction volume, PayJunction adds on a $35 fee.


With more than a decade in the payment processing business, PayJunction actively works to remain competitive. No contract is required when a merchant signs up for the service, which is a reflection of PayJunction’s belief that a business should continue to use its solution because it likes it, not because it has no other choice.

PayJunction is ideal for larger businesses, since the best deals go to high-volume merchants. Not only do businesses that process more than $10,000 each month get better rates, PayJunction offers a free swiper and signature pad. To receive these deals, merchants simply must provide copies of their current monthly statements to prove they handle more than $10,000 a month in transactions.

When a merchant signs up for PayJunction, that merchant is given an account. Having an account ensures payments will be deposited directly into the business’s bank account without the involvement of a middleman. Because of this, businesses get paid in one business day, which helps maintain positive cash flow. Businesses can accept payments in a retail location, on the go, or online.

One of PayJunction’s most unique offerings is its ability to capture customer signatures via email. For businesses that regularly deal with “card not present” purchases, this offers an unprecedented layer of protection against chargebacks and fraud. Through the PayJunction interface, receipts can be either emailed or printed, helping a business meet its goals of reducing paper waste.


At signup, businesses that process more than $10,000 in payments per month will receive a free swiper and signature pad. Because PayJunction is web based, it can be set up to work with any internet-connected device, including tablets, smartphones, and PCs.  This allows businesses to opt for an affordable POS that utilizes a tablet and stand. The card swiper can even be used with a laptop or desktop a business already has, allowing them to start accepting payments without the expense of new equipment.


Support for PayJunction is available via phone, email, or a knowledge base of most frequently asked questions. Merchants can also place a support ticket, which they can later track through the “View Your Tickets” link on the PayJunction website.


Businesses processing more than $10,000 in transactions per month have access to extremely competitive rates, a free card swiper and signature pad


A formal POS solution isn’t available through PayJunction, with connection going through a PC or mobile device


Lower transaction volume means significantly higher fees

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