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In addition to rates starting at 1.69 percent per swipe, PayAnywhere offers free equipment and next day funding. The storefront version of PayAnywhere features swipe rates as low as 1.69 percent per swipe and include a free tablet, free stand with a built-in card reader, and a free app. Mechants will be charged a $12.95 per month basic service fee. Additionally, businesses can take advantage of PayAnywhere’s 30 days of free processing or $50 for each referral. PayAnywhere’s Mobile option is perfect for smaller businesses that simply want the ability to accept credit card payments. The Mobile plan includes a free mobile reader and app with swipe fees of 2.69 percent. Larger businesses are given customized pricing and solutions based on their individual needs and transaction volumes.


For retailers interested in reliable, efficient payment processing, PayAnywhere’s Storefront is an affordable, easily deployed solution. Instead of setting up a complicated POS, PayAnywhere provides a free ten-inch tablet and card reader that is not only effective, but attractive, as well. Customers can sign directly on the screen using a fingertip or stylus, with employees given a touch-based interface to process each sale. In addition to the tablet, businesses can opt for a cash drawer and printer to fully equip themselves to provide top-quality customer service.

Mobile payments have exploded in popularity in the past year as businesses realize the benefits of being able to accept payments from anywhere. Using PayAnywhere’s free card reader and app, businesses can accept payments on either an iOS or Android tablet or smartphone, freeing them to sell items anywhere.

PayAnywhere’s robust reporting tools allow businesses to pull detailed reports on transactions, whether those reports are pulled on a PC or mobile device. These reports give merchants insights into which items are selling most to help businesses define future product offerings. Through these reports, businesses will see total sales, average purchases, and weekly summaries, among other information.

Merchants have access to a variety of other features when they sign up for PayAnywhere, including the ability to create custom inventories that include product images and an option to either email or print receipts. Multiple users can also be added to the system to let a business share a checkout with numerous employees on the same shift.


At signup, businesses get the hardware they need to process transactions, including a free tablet and card reader, complete with a stand. A mobile card reader is also provided for use with an existing Android or iOS smartphone or tablet.


Whether a merchant tweets, calls, or emails an issue, PayAnywhere assigns a live customer support representative to help. Assistance is available by phone, email, or chat 24 hours a day. If a merchant has a suggestion for improving PayAnywhere, that information can be sent, as well, and PayAnywhere will take the request into consideration.


Free hardware and customer support is a great incentive


The company’s solutions work with tablets or smartphones, taking away the option of a traditional POS


There is nothing especially ugly about this service

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