Review – iPhone Credit Card Processing

An increasing number of businesses require on-the-go credit card processing services.  Any business that provides services on-location would greatly benefit from a mobile credit card processing option. Typical industries using mobile credit card processing include:

  • plumbers
  • home improvement contractors
  • electricians
  • dog fence installers
  • landscapers
  • door to door sales
  • home party / direct sales
  • flea market or vendor events
  • even a garage sale!

Benefits of Mobile Credit Card Processing

In the past, businesses providing services to customers in their homes, or selling products at flea markets or vendor events would collect credit card information to process once they returned to their office.  At that point, if the credit card did not go through, the business had to decide on a plan of action for getting another form of payment for the customer who probably already received the product or service.  When you swipe the customer credit card on-location, you know right away whether the payment is valid. Mobile Credit Card Processing

If you have a smartphone, you can use Pay Anywhere.  The application is currently supported on iPhone, iPad, and Android.  Applications for Blackberry will be available shortly. It’s a credit card reader that connects to your smartphone and a free app that lets you swipe a credit card and receive payment.

No minimums: businesses of all sizes, and even individuals who want a way to get credit card payments can use because there are no monthly processing minimums to meet.  You don’t pay a set up fee or a cancellation fee.

Track inventory: organize the items you sell into categories with or without photographs of the items, and keep track of how many items you have left to sell with the phone app.

Reporting and searching: browse recent sales to see individual transactions, run reports for top selling inventory items, or see top customers all in real-time.


Email receipts: the app will email receipts to your customers for sales or refunds, and each receipt includes detailed description of purchase and images if you have them in your inventory.

Additional Benefits and Features for Users

Once you start using to handle your mobile credit card processing needs, you will receive an online account area for running more extensive transaction reports of your sales.  In this merchant portal, you can create custom reports and alerts and have them emailed to you.  If you need additional receipts, you can log in and find and either email or print customer receipts, refer other people to and receive commissions, and view all of your monthly statements in one place. provides customers with 24/7 customer support via a live, toll free phone number.

Posted on Tuesday, November 1st, 2011