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PacNet Services offers personalized pricing for its plans, with no disclosure of fees on its website. The company specializes in global currencies, appealing especially to merchants that do business internationally. Because of this, there are fees associated with payments that might not be found in processing firms that limit payments only to domestic customers.

One such fee is the Giro transfer fee, which is quoted upon application. All accounts are subject to a setup fee and processing fees as quoted on application. A monitoring fee of €50.00 is charged each month unless a merchant brings in €500.00 in commission fees in a month, at which point the monitoring fee will be waived.


PacNet Services is a Canadian company that has provided payment processing services to a global customer base since 1994. The company helps businesses of all sizes reach a global customer base by offering credit card processing in multiple currencies. Although Pacnet Services has customers in a variety of industries, the company is especially popular with businesses that sell products or services through e-commerce, direct mail, telephone, print, or direct response television. Merchants can choose to accept multiple currencies through one account or set up separate accounts for each currency through PacNet Services. More than 130 currencies are offered through the company’s secure servers, with payments deposited in the business’s account right away. The company also offers fraud prevention and risk flagging to keep merchants and their customers safe.

PacNet Services is a software-based solution, giving merchants a Raven Virtual Terminal for handling all phone and mail order transactions. For online transactions, merchants can utilize PacNet’s API to facilitate communication between their servers and PacNet’s. Because each transaction is authorized in the customer’s currency, a business’s customers will see the right amount on his credit card statement, reducing complaints and chargebacks. Additionally, PacNet Services merchants can accept payments through check, direct debit, and local electronic payment. Businesses can even send payments to creditors, allowing everything to be handled in one easy-to-use interface. Payments can be made by check, credit card, ACH, or EFT.


PacNet Services’ solution is virtual, which means merchants choose their own hardware to work with it. The virtual terminal can run on an existing desktop or laptop, through most popular web browsers. This makes the solution ideal for merchants accepting phone and mail orders. For check processing, businesses can either send them in batches through their fulfillment center or via international courier.


Merchants can call PacNet’s customer support between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. PST or by email. There may be more intensive customer support provided to merchants, but this information is not listed on the company’s website.


Companies have access to easily process payments in more than 130 currencies with a variety of options for how processing of multiple currencies is handled

Phone and mail orders can be processed using a virtual terminal


This is a software-only solution


Fees are not disclosed and the contract mentions multiple fees for processing and administration

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