NewtPay Mobile Is Now Available: Cost Effective Mobile Credit Card Processing

Mobile credit card processing is becoming increasingly important for businesses owners and especially for those companies that conduct business on the go. With today’s advanced technology, new mobile credit card processing solutions are becoming more readily available.

has just introduced a new product that allows companies to accept credit cards on the go. With NewtPay Mobile, businesses can now easily and affordably turn their smartphone or tablet into a mobile credit card processing machine.

NewtPay Mobile comes with a free downloadable app and there are no additional upfront charges to worry about. NewtPay Mobile is cost effective and offers pay as you go service to businesses starting as low as 1.69%. A free card reader is provided and there are no set up fees, no monthly service fees and no processing fees.

Businesses will also find that NewtPay Mobile is simple to use and reliable. The program is compatible with Android devices as well as Blackberry and Apple iOS. In today’s fast paced mobile business world, NewtPay Mobile offers businesses a great opportunity for sales on the go.

For many businesses, mobile processing has become a necessity. Companies that use mobile credit card processing enjoy many great benefits and have an edge over their competitors. Benefits are plentiful and include an increase in sales with the ability to accept payments everywhere. Many people do not carry cash on them anymore, and without mobile processing businesses lose out on potential customers and sales. Mobile processing also saves money as it is more affordable for business owners and it is secure offering both customers and business owner’s peace of mind.

Companies looking to expand their business and benefit from mobile credit card processing will want to take a close look at NewtPay Mobile’s new on the go processing solutions.

Posted on Wednesday, May 9th, 2012