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National Cash Management Systems (NCMS) specializes in high-risk businesses that normally have a difficult time finding payment processing services. With a promise to beat a business’s current merchant deal by 10 percent or more, NCMS’s pricing is competitive. For new accounts, pricing is 1.89 percent plus $0.25 swiped Visa/Mastercard qualified and 2.29 percent plus $0.25 Visa/Mastercard MOTO. Experienced accounts are eligible for slightly lower rates and enterprise environments can call for specialized rates. NCMS helps businesses manage risks by implementing such programs as consolidated return programs for dishonored checks to substantially reduce the fees assessed by banks.

In addition to competitive discount rates, NCMS offers high-risk merchants solutions for ACH, eChecks, and direct debit, both domestically and internationally. Many of NCMS’s clients have either been turned down or quoted exorbitant rates by other services. Instead of merely processing payments, NCMS considers it a consultant to the many merchants it services, helping them find ways to prevent risk and fraud while also saving money on processing.

 Customizable Solutions

For high-risk merchants, NCMS brings the benefit of advanced fraud prevention tools to help prevent financial loss. The comprehensive solution cross-checks to ensure a customer is exactly who he says he is before processing payment. A merchant can determine whether a customer’s account has the funds available for a payment to go through, whether they’re paying by credit card or personal check.

In addition to accepting credit card payments online and in store, NCMS offers merchants the ability to set up recurring ACH payments for subscription-based services. The company’s virtual terminal gives businesses the ability to process payments in multiple locations seamlessly, with reporting giving insight into how each location is performing. In each location, multiple employees can be set up to accept payments, making it easy for a business to hire and manage multiple cashiers.

Since many businesses prefer to use their own POS software, NCMS offers compatibility with a variety of popular solutions. This gives businesses the ability to take advantage of NCMS’s fraud protection and payment gateway without giving up the interface they’ve grown accustomed to using. For businesses with the need to work in the field on a regular basis, NCMS’s mobile options are ideal, allowing for credit cards and e-checks to be processed using a tablet or smartphone.

Merchants will have access to cloud-based reporting and full PCI compliance, allowing them to be constantly in control. For merchants who work with a development team to customize their ecommerce sites and bricks-and-mortar locations, NCMS offers APIs, free test accounts, sandbox, and user forums to make the process of integrating payments as easy as possible.


NCMS provides virtual solutions, including online payment processing and virtual terminals. The service can integrate with a business’s existing terminal setup.

Customer Service

Assistance is available by telephone or email, with NCMS promising to reply to all requests for help within one hour.

The Good

Great solution for businesses that are high risk.

Fraud prevention helps keep merchants safe from loss.

The Bad

Solution focuses on virtual processing and online services.

And The Ugly

May not be the best pricing for merchants that aren’t high risk.

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