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Relatively new on the payment processing scene, Meritus Payment Solutions has been named among the fastest-growing companies in Orange County, California. The company offers payment processing services for a variety of industries, with interchange-plus pricing available. Fees aren’t publicly disclosed and are provided on a by-request basis.

One complaint about Meritus is its cancellation fee, which requires merchants to pay out the cost of the remainder of a contract. Due to the fact that merchants must sign a three-year contract at the outset, this cost can be quite high if a merchant cancels early on in the relationship. Merchants should consider negotiating this before signing and determine whether this cost is worth it.

Customizable Solutions

Meritus can provide a full-service solution for businesses in a wide variety of industries, from restaurants to healthcare practices to nonprofits and property management companies. Each solution is customized to the unique needs of each merchant to ensure it can best serve its customers. Meritus offers Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals, online payments processing, mail and phone orders, and mobile payments to businesses across the country.

If a merchant has an existing terminal, Meritus can program its software to work, saving businesses money on purchasing new equipment. For those merchants that require a new terminal, the company provides free-standing terminals, PC-based solutions, as well as virtual and wireless terminals.

Meritus’s virtual terminal solution gives businesses the ability to process credit card payments, gift cards, recurring payments, ACH, and more. This convenience ensures businesses make as many sales as possible, while also providing the ability to grow by adding new payment types and options, such as subscriptions.

With Meritus Mobile, any mobile device can handle credit card processing. Meritus provides an app and card reader and both solutions work together to give merchants the ability to accept payments in store or on the go. This is ideal for selling items at trade shows, fairs, or speaking engagements.


Meritus Payment Solutions offers a wide variety of equipment types, from traditional POS setups to mobile card readers and virtual terminals. The company can work with a merchant’s existing equipment, as well.

Customer Service

Meritus offers 24/7 phone support, as well as assistance with the integration process.

The Good

Variety of payment options available to merchants.

Can work with a merchant’s existing POS.

The Bad

Three-year contract is required.

And The Ugly

Cancellation requires payment of the duration of a merchant’s contract.

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