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Mercury Pay is mysterious about its pricing, preferring to quote rates on a case-by-case basis. Merchants reportedly will have access to interchange plus pricing, which provides them with a good idea of how much the processing service is adding onto the fees charged by the credit card provider. While signing a contract with Mercury Pay, merchants should be aware that the service may enact a PCI compliance fee. While this annual fee is charged by many processing companies in the industry, Mercury Pay’s may be higher than its competitors. Merchants should shop around to determine what similar services are charging for PCI compliance to gain leverage during the contract negotiation process.


Simplicity is at the heart of Mercury Pay’s processing solutions, with the realization that merchants need payment processing that is straightforward and integrated. Mercury Pay works directly with a variety of restaurants and retailers to ensure its Point of Sale (POS) systems interact directly with existing operations. Additionally, merchants have access to Mercury Pay’s electronic cash registers to access smart payment processing functionality.

Online payment processing is more important than ever for businesses. Using Mercury Pay, merchants can process both major credit cards and gift card payments through their websites. It opens up retailers to increase their monthly sales by making it as easy as possible to purchase items online. Mercury Pay integrates with a variety of shopping carts, with easy implementation making it easy for merchants to get started.

Mobile payment acceptance is also in heavy demand at the moment. Mercury Pay arms merchants with a Mercury VirtualTerminal for accepting payments at trade shows, conferences, or other locations. An even more portable iDynamo card reader turns a smartphone or tablet into a POS. The software allows signature capture and emailed receipts to make payment processing as easy as possible.

Mercury Pay’s gift card service, MercuryGift, is included in a merchant’s POS suite, giving businesses the ability to sell and accept gift cards through their registers and mobile devices. Any business currently processing credit cards through Mercury Pay can access the company’s gift card processing services for free and cards can be customized to a business’s brand by adding a logo and picture.


Mercury Pay sets merchants up with all of the equipment it needs to process payments, including POS terminals, cash drawers, receipt printers, mobile terminals, and mobile card readers. Terminals are set up to communicate directly with Mercury Pay for faster transaction processing.


Recognizing that reliability is essential to any business, Mercury Pay offers 24/7 technical support from a skilled frontline customer service team. All issues are tracked and continually monitored to help Mercury Pay determine ways its service can be improved.


Seamless processing of major credit cards and gift cards using a variety of POS solutions

Integration with a merchant’s existing environment, including a variety of shopping cart solutions


Mercury Pay doesn’t post rate information, leaving merchants to rely on individual price quotes


The merchant’s PCI compliance fee may be higher than competitors’

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