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Merchants Bancard promises one-stop shopping for a merchant’s payment processing needs, offering everything from the latest POS technology to gift card acceptance solutions. The company promises to lower a business’s monthly overhead while providing access to the newest services, including EMV technology. The company reportedly signs customers to a three-year agreement with a $250 processing fee. This cost is in line with standard industry practice. Merchants Bancard places an emphasis on its agent program, offering 80 percent residuals, instant approval, and a $300 upfront bonus.

 Customizable Solutions

Merchants Bancard doesn’t publish its rates on its site because the company believes in crafting a personalized solution for each merchant. The processor provides everything a business needs to start processing, including equipment and software. When a merchant signs with Merchants Bancard, that business knows it will always have the latest technology in payment processing. Upgrades are free every year and for every $25,000 in payments that are processed, Merchants Bancard throws in six free rolls of printer paper.

Every three months, merchants also get a free ink cartridge. Merchants will also be equipped with the tools they need to reach customers in today’s mobile world. This includes both mobile card-swiping solutions and a special mobile marketing suite that helps businesses win new customers.For the increasing number of merchants now interested in online payment solutions, Merchants Bancard has flexible e-commerce solutions. Payments can be completed using a mobile device or PC, ensuring businesses never lose a sale. Merchants Bancard uses the latest fraud prevention techniques to keep its merchants’ customers as safe as possible.


Merchants Bancard offers a variety of POS equipment, featuring the latest technology. Devices are both secure and fast, keeping a retailer processing efficiently to avoid long lines. Businesses also have access to QwickPay POS, which facilitates credit card payments on a smartphone or tablet.

Customer Service

Customer support is available by phone, email, or live chat, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST. No mention of 24/7 customer support is listed on the company’s website and online complaints mention an inability to reach customer support when help was needed.

The Good

One-stop shopping for all of a merchant’s payment processing needs.

Equipment updated each year at no additional cost.

The Bad

No fees are disclosed and the company appears to place a large emphasis on its agent program.

And The Ugly

Night and weekend customer support is not mentioned on the company’s website.

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