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Headquartered in Marietta, Georgia, Merchant First promises affordable transaction rates to its merchants, although pricing information is only available through direct quote. The company specializes in solutions that reduce fraud risk, while also facilitating payment processing. From Point of Sale (POS) systems to processing phone and online payments, Merchant First can act as a full-scale solution to meet all of a business’s payment acceptance needs. Merchant First focuses on quality of service, rather than affordability. As an end-to-end solution, the company states that its services will outperform any of its competitors, many of which promise to undercut the competition by offering lower fees. To learn how Merchant First compares with those competitors’ processing fees, merchants will be required to request customized pricing.


Merchant First provides a suite of solutions designed to make payment acceptance as easy and safe as possible for its merchants. The software integrates with some of the top accounting solutions on the market today, including QuickBooks, Sage, and NetSuite. This means employees will never again have to waste valuable time inputting sales into a separate piece of software. Each sale will be automatically recorded for easy bookkeeping and tax reporting.

Accepting payments online is a must for even local businesses today. Through Merchant First, merchants can use PrismPay to securely facilitate online transactions. Businesses have the advantage of offering security and fraud protection to their customers. Using PrismPay, businesses can build forms and set up ACH payments to make online selling easy.

Chargebacks are a serious problem for merchants. To help protect businesses, Merchant First utilizes an alert system to ensure retailers never again miss the deadline to dispute a chargeback. Traditionally, merchants often didn’t know for weeks that a chargeback had been filed, but Merchant First’s Chargeback Alerts notify a business a chargeback request has been filed within days. This allows a business to work with the customer to potentially issue a refund or resolve any disputes.

As payments are processed through Merchant First, they are encrypted at each stage. This helps ensure each customer’s data remains as secure as possible while in transit. Merchant First’s servers are hosted in America, maintaining the highest level of card security at all times, as well as compliance with Tier 1 PCI.


Merchant First can provide a full-service POS system that accepts swiped or key-entered credit or debit cards. Batch processing and recurring billing can also be processed through this POS. For businesses that prefer to be more mobile, Merchant First has an iPhone- and iPad-compatible solution.


Customer service is available through phone and email to merchants. Additionally, Merchant First’s notification features ensure a merchant is aware of any chargebacks as quickly as possible, to allow them to take measures to personally resolve any issues with the customer.


Keeps customer information safe, protecting them against an embarrassing and reputation-damaging data breach


With no transparent pricing available, it’s difficult for merchants to compare this solution with others on the market.


Mobile readers might not be configurable with certain Android and non-Apple devices

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