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IPPay offers two plans for merchants: flat rate and cost plus. With flat-rate billing, merchants are billed a flat rate for each transaction that is a percentage of the sale. This plan gives a business the benefits of interchange optimization without having to endure the fees and risks that come with interchange surcharges. IPPay offers a merchant discount rate in which interchange fees make up 70-90 percent of charges.

With cost-plus billing, IPPay separates interchange fees into a different area of the billing statement to give merchants full visibility. This billing method gives a business complete visibility into where each dollar in fees is going. However, with cost-plus billing, interchange optimization is the responsibility of the merchant, who is forced to pay any fee increases. IPPay believes a payment processing service has the responsibility to find the plan to meet each merchant’s unique needs.

Customizable Solutions

IPPay specializes in card-not-present transactions, with an emphasis on recurring payments to telecom companies, utilities, and internet commerce businesses. The easy-to-understand billing statements and competitive rates make IPPay a top choice for merchants in a wide variety of industries.

IPPay also prides itself on its easy switchover process, with companies easily able to move their existing accounts over. This means that all of the recurring billing accounts can be transferred over to the new service without customers having to do anything. The entire process is seamless, resulting in no interruption of service as payments continue to roll in each month.

Merchants who partner with IPPay have access to the company’s special services, such as the IPPay Account Updater, which helps reduce the large number of bounce-backs merchants endure each month on recurring payments. Bounce-backs generally occur when a customer’s card has been canceled or expired, creating an inconvenience for both the business and the customer, who may have simply forgotten to notify the business that the card number had changed.

By working with IPPay, merchants also have access to the processor’s account economizer service, which seeks to reduce the expensive surcharges many e-commerce companies deal with due to the high-risk nature of their businesses. For merchants who have existing billing programs in place, IPPay also integrates with applications like Platypus, BillMax, Freeside, Powercode, kBilling, and many more partners.


IPPay is an automated solution, designed for ecommerce businesses and service providers that rely on recurring billing. While no equipment is required to operate the service, IPPay has a list of certified terminals that integrate with its technology. This hardware can be provided by IPPay to speed up the process of getting merchants online.

Customer Service

Customer service is provided by email or phone, although a toll-free customer support number is not provided.

The Good

Easy transition process, bringing all recurring accounts over automatically.

Special features take care of expired cards and bounce-backs.

The Bad

This service is geared toward recurring billing-based businesses, so businesses that do not deal primarily with these types of transactions may not find it the best service.

 And The Ugly

24/7 customer support is not promised and emailed support requests are only promised that someone will be back with the merchant shortly.

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