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With rates starting at 1.75 percent, Intuit GoPayment is poised to take on its competitors in the way that matters most to merchants. To achieve the low 1.75 percent swipe rate, businesses will pay $12.95 per month with no transaction fees. Keyed transactions under the paid subscription plan are charged a 2.75 percent fee. Pay-as-you-go Intuit customers are charged a 2.75 percent swipe rate and a 3.75 percent keyed rate. For point of sales (POS) customers, the company is currently offering a free trial of its POS system. Like many of its competitors, Intuit is trying to gain leverage not by undercutting fees, but by promising faster payment processing. With Intuit, you’ll see the money within two to four days of a transaction’s approval.


If you’re among the many businesses utilizing QuickBooks as your bookkeeping solution, Intuit’s payment processor will likely be an attractive option. The software automatically integrates with QuickBooks, tracking each transaction to make balancing your budget much easier. You can also log any cash and check payments through either your POS or mobile card reader to ensure your bookkeeping is always up to date.

Intuit offers a complete POS system for businesses for $1,200. After a free trial, you’ll just need to contact Intuit customer service to register the product and continue business as usual. Once you have the POS, the GoPayment mobile card reader can be added, with all payments coming together in your QuickBooks account.

With Intuit’s GoPayment, credit cards can be processed anywhere, whether at a dedicated terminal or on the go. You’ll be given a mobile card reader that you can plug into your iPhone, iPad, or Android devices. This allows you to make sales at conventions or speaking engagements or simply arm your in-store workers with the ability to accept credit cards on the sales floor. GoPayment integrates seamlessly with all the other Intuit products you use. Need to invoice a customer? You don’t have to ask for a credit card number. You can use Intuit E-Invoicing to allow your customers to pay for products or services electronically, at no charge to them. All of this integrates with your POS data to give you easy tracking of all your finances.


Intuit’s cash drawer, receipt printer, and touchscreen monitor arrive ready to deploy. Whether you’re an existing Intuit customer or not, the software will work for your business. You can either choose to add on free mobile card readers at the outset or add those later, using the free mobile app.



Existing Intuit customers are familiar with the company’s community, which encourages businesses to help other businesses. Support for any of your Intuit products is available through a knowledgebase, as well as by phone. Instead of holding on the line for the next available operator, you can even request that Intuit call you.


Intuit’s credit card processing features integrate with QuickBooks


Processing time is slower than competitors who promise one- to two-day turnaround


We couldn’t find anything too ugly about this service

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