Interview: Cayan (Michael Gavin, SVP, Sales)


Formerly Merchant Warehouse, Cayan continues to provide some of the most robust and modern processing solutions available to the industry. The rebranding of Cayan is perhaps the best indication that the company is committed to innovation and making sure its merchants are always one step ahead of its competitors. was able to catch up with SVP of Sales, Michael Gavin, to dig deeper into what Cayan has to offer and talk about some of the newest technology it has in the works.


Thanks for taking out the time to offer a closer look at Cayan’s payment technologies. To begin, when was Cayan founded and what are some of the best services it offers?

Cayan™, formerly Merchant Warehouse, was founded in 1998. A privately held company that remains founder-led, we originally focused exclusively on credit card processing services for small and medium-sized businesses. Our major differentiator was providing low cost payment solutions and easy to access merchant accounts.

Over the past 17 years we have continued to expand our products and solutions. Today, we offer a full suite of payment technologies and processing solutions ranging from mobile card acceptance for a smartphone or tablet to stand-alone terminals and shopping cart options to fully-integrated solutions like our proprietary Genius® Customer Engagement Platform®. Today, our customers range from new businesses just starting out to large national retail chains.

What separates Cayan from other payment processors out there?

Cayan’s dedicated team of over 300 professionals is focused on providing customers with innovative payment solutions and unparalleled service. Our in-house customer service and technical support teams are available 24/7/365. We offer a full suite of payment solutions regardless of industry, vertical, or business size. From e-commerce to stand-alone to fully integrated technologies, we have solutions for any and all businesses.  With over 17 years of experience and more than 100,000 customers, we remain focused on continued innovation to ensure that all of our customers have the payment solutions they need to support and grow their business.

Before really getting into things, let’s talk about the process of signing up with Cayan. How does the company alleviate the common stresses merchants associate with getting onboard with a processing company?

We know that businesses looking for a merchant account and credit card processing services want it to be easy. Our professionally trained business development team works with each customer to assess their current needs, determine potential processing solutions and help them choose the right payment technology for their business.

We have a seamless application process that provides instantaneous pre-approval. Additionally, we manage our risk in-house, allowing us to expedite the approval process and get customers up and running as quickly as possible.

Is Cayan geared towards specific industries or are its services pretty flexible across multiple business types?

Our solutions are universal and designed for any business regardless of size, geographical location, or vertical focus.

With traditional terminal processing still being a necessity for many brick and mortar shops, what is Cayan doing to ensure that its terminals are equipped with the most up to date technologies?

Since our inception in 1998, Cayan has been regarded as an innovator and pioneer in the industry. When Apple Pay™ launched in the fall of 2014 we were prepared with NFC product bundles for existing and new customers interested in accepting NFC powered digital wallets. And, looking at the forthcoming October 2015 liability shift around EMV, we have both EMV/NFC and EMV stand-alone options for our customers. We also support our customers and prospects with educational information such as infographics, articles and tip sheets so that they understand new technologies and the benefit that they can yield for their business.

As a technology company, we understand that our customers have varied needs and require flexibility and our product offerings are designed to meet those needs, today and in the future.

Speaking of technology, talk more about the mobile and wireless solutions Cayan offers and how the company is keeping pace with the changing world of payment processing.

There’s no question that technology is a huge driver of change in the world of payments today. And, we expect this to continue in the future as well. Cayan was one of the first companies to introduce card acceptance on a mobile device and we’ve continued to add features and functionality to our EX product to enable customers to do more.

We have also integrated with numerous tablet based point-of-sale (POS) developers and see these new SaaS based POS solutions as a major driver going forward. And, we also provide mobile extensions to our Genius platform for in-aisle check out etc.

You briefly talked about NFC payments, which seem to be all the buzz these days. Please explain exactly how Cayan plans on integrating this technology.

Apple Pay put NFC back on the radar last fall and we expect use of NFC-based digital wallets to continue to grow. We offer a wide-range of NFC powered terminals and payment technologies from stand-alone terminals with PIN-PAD countertop extensions to Genius, our all in one platform that offers integrated NFC, EMV and QR based payments all from one device.

It would be nearly impossible to discuss a good processing solution without discussing rates. What makes Cayan’s rates competitive and favorable over other credit card processors?

Cayan offers meet or beat pricing on all customer accounts with no contracts. With 17 years of experience in the industry, we pride ourselves on fair and competitive pricing and flexible account options.

Talk a bit about your customer support infrastructure. What options do merchants have for reaching a qualified representative in times of need?

We offer in-house customer service and technical support. Our dedicated and experienced teams are available 24/7/365 to answer any account questions or assist with terminal set-up or connectivity challenges. We also offer a full suite of online, self-service tools through our customer portal and our public website.

What about security infrastructure? With fraud prevention being of increasing importance, how does Cayan combat these types of hazards?

Cayan is PCI compliant and we offer a suite of PCI/PED certified solutions, including Genius, for our customers. We also provide customers with a Compliance Services Package (CSP) to help them achieve and maintain PCI compliance. Key features of the CSP include PCI compliance consulting provided by ControlScan and breach and chargeback protection.

Lastly, do you have any final thoughts? What can new and existing merchants expect from Cayan moving forward?

Cayan is focused on helping new and existing customers realize the possibilities in payments. From new payment types like NFC and EMV to integrated and affordable POS solutions to mobile technologies, we are committed to ensuring that our customers have the technologies they need to survive and thrive in the new world of payments. As the complexity of payments increases, we are also continuing to invest in our support and operations infrastructure to ensure that our customers receive an amazing customer experience.