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With the slogan “yesterday’s rates are not today’s rates,” Ignite Payments introduces prospective merchants to its pricing model. The processing service invites businesses to provide data on existing payment processing rates to let representatives show how they can save a business money on fees each month. Fees vary widely from one merchant to another, depending on a variety of factors, including the sales agent that sold the account. For this reason, merchants should work to negotiate for the rate they believe is fair and be willing to compare against competitor offers. Some merchants have early termination fees and PCI Compliance fees in their contracts while others do not, so merchants should also consider this as part of the negotiation process.


Owned by First Data Corporation, Ignite Payments specializes in e-commerce and card acceptance solutions for retail establishments. Through First Financial, the company also offers payment processing services to high risk merchants who may not be able to find affordable solutions from other providers. This service will work with new accounts or help restore accounts that have been previously canceled due to risk issues.

Ignite Payments allows merchants to accept a wide range of card types to avoid alienating any customers. Businesses can accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Diner’s Club International, debit cards, gift cards, and personal checks. This ensures no sale is every turned away, helping merchants earn as much money as possible each day. Additionally, Ignite Payments merchants can also offer customers perks like the ability to get cash back on debit transactions if desired and a 1.9-second transaction approval time.

Security is a top priority for Ignite Payments. The processor’s holistic solution includes encryption and tokenization to ensure all customer data remains secure. Additionally, Ignite Payments can work to help a business remains PC compliant, reducing each merchant’s risk of liability in the event of a breach. If requested, Ignite Payments can also provide quarterly scans to determine PCI compliance levels.

Solutions can be tailored to a merchant’s individual needs, including wi-fi, IP, and dial-up connectivity. Ignite Payments’ built-in high-speed printers ensure each transaction processes without delay to keep lines moving throughout the day. Using processing solutions from Ignite Payments means businesses can also accept both swiped and contactless payments to meet today’s consumer demands.


Recognizing that top-quality equipment better helps merchants service their customers, Ignite Payments chooses high-performance, reliable POS terminals and peripherals, including entry-level terminals to help small businesses get started. Peripherals include scanners for processing check payments as well as credit card swipers. Touchscreen POS systems are also available to make checkout easy.


Merchants have access to 24/7 customer support by phone in multiple languages. For retailers with busy schedules, a web form allows businesses to request a call back from a helpful customer service representative.


Ignite Payments offers secure, reliable payment processing for a wide variety of card types

Solutions are available for high-risk merchants who might not otherwise qualify for affordable credit card processing


Customer service and technical support are only available by telephone


Fees are not transparent, so a business can’t be sure it’s getting the same deal as comparable businesses

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