How to Get Started with Content Marketing

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If you want to successfully grow your business in 2018, content marketing is a great way to get started. Although content marketing can seem like something that only large corporations with huge budgets can pull off, we’re going to cover why this strategy is actually a great fit for small and medium businesses.

Content Marketing 101

The basic goal of content marketing is to create and distribute content that puts your business in front of potential customers. While blog posts are often the first type of content people think of, this strategy can incorporate videos, podcasts or content in any other format.

Regardless of the specific format, you don’t want to focus on content that directly sells your business. Instead, you want to craft content that appeals to potential customers by educating, informing or entertaining them.

Then, once a piece of content brings a potential customer to your website, you can use tactics like targeted calls to action to convert those individuals into leads or even customers.

3 Common Pitfalls of Content Marketing

The first mistake SMBs make with content marketing is forgetting the importance of promotion and distribution. It’s definitely important to produce great pieces of content, but if a business fails to put any resources behind promoting and distributing that content, they’re not going to see much of an impact from this marketing channel.

Another common mistake is giving up too quickly. Content marketing isn’t going to provide an overnight revenue boost. So when businesses produce several pieces of content and then give up because they haven’t seen any results, they’re missing out on the benefits that generally start kicking in after the first few months.

The other mistake businesses make with content marketing is failing to track their efforts. Tools like Google Analytics can provide a lot of information about what’s working and what isn’t. By collecting this data, reviewing it and then putting what you learn into action, your business will be able to really optimize your content marketing strategy.

Don’t Overlook a Critical Aspect of Content Marketing

Increasing the number of potential customers who visit your website is a big win. Just be aware that for more than 95 percent of those visitors, there’s going to be a big gap between someone consuming a piece of content and then actually buying from you.

The best way to bridge that gap is by putting email automation at the center of your content marketing efforts. Using a tool like Drip, ConvertKit or Klaviyo will give you a way to add many of those visitors to your email list.

Once they’re on your list, you can continue sending relevant content over time. This will keep them interested and build trust with your business. Then, when the time is right, you can send them a compelling offer to make a purchase.

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Posted on Friday, December 1st, 2017