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With Host Merchant Services, businesses get free equipment and supplies to get them started accepting payments. The company’s interchange plus pricing guarantees each merchant fair pricing while also helping save money. This rate is guaranteed to remain the same, so merchants won’t have to worry about sudden fee hikes during the course of a year. Host Merchant Services’ interchange plus model means a business’s rates depend on the type of card being scanned. American Express rates generally average 3.5 percent for many businesses, while Visa and MasterCard have interchange rates for qualifying transactions of approximately 1.5 percent plus $0.10 for each transaction. Added to this are applicable surcharges that drive the rate up slightly.


Merchants can get started right away, with pre-approval as simple as completing an application. Once approved, a representative will contact the business with a customized solution with no long-term commitment required. Statements are easy to read and understand, so merchants won’t be surprised once they begin using the service. Host Merchant Services wants customers to continue using the service because they like it, not because they are locked into a contract. Host Merchant Services’ CEO has a technology background, so the company’s e-commerce solutions are top notch. Each solution is tailored to a business’s online shopping needs, ensuring customers will have the best experience possible. The company has several partnership programs tailored to companies in specific industries like accounting, retail stores, and more.

Through a virtual terminal, merchants can accept payments in store using a countertop device. This Point of Sale system goes beyond credit card processing to provide check imaging, ACH services, recurring payments, batch processing, and more. Merchants also have access to real-time 24/7 reporting to gain insight into the transactions being accepted each day. Businesses can also add on services like branded gift and loyalty cards to better serve their customers. Host Merchant’s mobile processing services are popular for businesses on the go, although they can also be used to reduce wait times in a retail store. With a provided card swipe device, any iPhone or Android smartphone can be turned into a mobile terminal. Using the provided application, merchants can also email receipts to customers, void transactions, and process credits and refunds.


Host Merchant Services provides all equipment at no charge to the customer, including a countertop terminal and mobile card processing device. Host Merchant Services’ virtual terminal can be accessed from any internet-capable device.


Merchants have access to 24/7/365 support via a toll-free telephone number. Help is also available through a support ticket or email for added convenience.


Free equipment for processing both mobile and in-store credit card transactions

Personalized customer support to ensure a merchant has the solution that fits its business model


Dedicated POS system isn’t mentioned, so the countertop solution is likely mobile-based


Exact rate ranges aren’t disclosed publicly. Merchants must contact the company for an exact rate


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