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While Harbortouch’s fees are similar to other payment processors in the industry, the company aims to set itself apart with its free POS program. Through this program, merchants can get the point-of-sale (POS) systems they need to get started with no up-front cost. All businesses are required to do to get this limited time deal is to complete a form on the company’s website. While terms information isn’t provided on its website, merchants report a three-year agreement that automatically renews for another two years unless the merchant cancels during a specified window. Merchants that use Harbortouch’s equipment will also be assessed annual fees.

Customizable Solutions

One distinguishing feature of Harbortouch is its ability to accept Apple Pay. This new technology is being requested by a segmented group of customers and by accepting it, merchants will show off their innovative nature. This functionality also allows pay-at-the-table capabilities, interacting with a customer’s iPhone. Using Harbertouch’s Lighthouse system, merchants can manage their POS systems from any internet-connected device, accessing the in-depth reporting tools, editing screens, and tracking employees.

Harbortouch’s system is fully customizable, with solutions for hospitality, retail, QSR and delivery, liquor stores, and more. A system can be built from scratch using Harbortouch’s POS builder to create the system your business needs.
Handling more than 110,000 business location accounts, Harbortouch is a respected name in the industry. POS systems include all-in-one support for credit cards, checks, cash, and gift and loyalty cards, with businesses building the suite of solutions they need to handle customer payments.


Harbortouch has a large selection of its own equipment, including POS systems, electronic cash registers, Perkwave terminals for wave payments, and wireless and mobile terminals. Each solution is PCI compliant and able to accept EMV payments, marking compliance with the upcoming payment card acceptance requirements.

Customer Service

Merchants can choose from multiple contact options to reach customer service, including a 24/7 technical support number that bypasses the company’s standard menu options. Email and live chat support options are also available, in addition to a support page stocked with help articles geared toward helping merchants.

The Good…

Free POS equipment for a limited time for new customers.

Apple Pay capabilities with latest POS equipment.

The Bad…

No fees are disclosed on the company website but the company’s fees are reportedly in line with industry standards.

And The Ugly

Merchants are signed to a three-year agreement that auto-renews for two years unless the merchant actively cancels it.

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