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HaloPays promises one percentage rate and zero fees, with a simple payment plan designed to make payment processing simple for businesses. Rates are given to businesses on a one-on-one basis, but HaloPays promises rates are never more than three percent and often less. Many merchants pay 2.5 percent, according to a graphic on the company’s website. Individual rates depend on processing volume and transaction type.

While many processing services charge monthly fees and statement fees, HaloPays promises none. The company’s HaloOne service offers one simple price for all transactions, with merchants paying 3 percent on every credit and debit transaction and 1 percent on every e-check transaction. These accounts incur no additional fees. For businesses with higher transaction volumes, HaloPays offers HaloPrime, which gives businesses a fixed rate for each of its transactions.


While HaloPays works with a wide variety of organizations, the company specializes in helping Christian organizations and nonprofits set up processing for donations. With its simple pricing, the solution is ideal for businesses that need a streamlined approach to bookkeeping. Rates don’t fluctuate and there are no hidden fees, so accounting is simplified, which in some cases allows businesses to avoid hiring bookkeeping staff to track processing costs.

Recognizing that many small businesses and nonprofits are unable to attract the discounts high-volume merchants get, HaloPays sets out to offer a solution that keeps rates affordable. Whether an organization is not-for-profit, a small startup, or a growing small business, HaloPays can equip it with a solution that fits its budget and helps with planning as it grows. For larger businesses, HaloPrime can provide a discount while still offering a fixed rate that lets the business know what to expect each month.

HaloPay’s application programming interface (API) makes it easy for developers to set up a payment environment on a website, complete with merchant applications, transaction submission, and transaction and batch reporting. Just as it offers one fixed price on fees, HaloPay provides one easy-to-use API that offers multiple platform support. For merchants concerned about security, HaloPays labels itself as “paranoid” about security, taking safety to an all new level. This includes PCI-DDS compliance, SSL/TLS secured forms and management areas, verified email accounts, and military-grade encryption. With such intense security, businesses can rest assured that their customer data is protected, even if they aren’t tech-savvy themselves.


HaloPays is a software-based solution, designed to be used on a business’s website. Churches and other nonprofits can use HaloPays to accept donations on their websites.


Support is available to customers by telephone and email, although hours for support aren’t listed on the company’s website. The site is also vague on information about its services, with its contact site cautioning that there might be long wait times for a response if call volumes are high.


One fixed rates with no additional fees, making it ideal for small businesses and nonprofits

Easy-to-deploy API for inserting payment capabilities onto a website


Customer support hours are not listed


The company’s website is vague on information, leaving many questions merchants might have unanswered


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