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Gravity Payments brands itself as "The credit card payment processing company merchants trust." As a company dedicated to servicing thousands of hard-working business owners and not overcharging them for services, it seems like a deserving self-proclamation to make. With Gravity, fees are set up on an individual basis, with merchants urged to contact the company for a quote. Since pricing is on a case-by-case basis, businesses may have the ability to negotiate for a lower rate than they are currently paying with a competing processing service.

By disclosing all fees up front and striving to treat each new customer as their first, Gravity Payments says it has a higher level of customer satisfaction and retention than other processing services.

Customizable Solutions

In addition to customizing pricing and fees for each merchant, the company also works directly with each business to craft a processing environment that matches its business model. This is ideal considering the ever-evolving state of modern business, where each merchant requires somewhat of a tailored payment infrastructure.

The company provides a variety of credit card processing options, from terminals to state-of-the-art mobile software. Gravity Payments can also help businesses with other popular processing needs, such as gift and loyalty cards. Businesses can order branded cards that help increase sales and market their offerings. With analytics, merchants can track customer behaviors, learning more about who those customers are and identifying trends that could help with future marketing efforts.


Gravity Payments’ wide variety of options allow merchants to purchase hardware or use the service’s software with existing hardware. Representatives can connect merchants with hardware to meet their POS needs, putting its decade of experience to use to help businesses.

Understanding the increasing demand for mobile payment technology, Gravity also enables its merchants to accept payments anywhere. They can get you set up with the latest mobile processing solutions so you can best serve your customers. These solutions can also be integrated with your current POS software, allowing you to accept payments using your smartphone, tablet, or any other mobile device.

Customer Service

Merchants have access to a live customer service representative by telephone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Customer service extends beyond technical issues, however, since a merchant is designated a representative from the beginning who works to create a customized solution that meets its needs. This is a rare find amongst competitors.

National Coverage

Based in Seattle, Washington, Gravity Payments has a large client base in its own state, as well as Oregon and Hawaii. However, they provide Credit Card Processing and other Merchant Services to over 13,000 Community Businesses nationwide.

The Good: Gravity Payments creates customized solutions for merchants that meet their individual needs.
All fees are disclosed to the customer up front with no surprises.

The Bad: Gravity does assess early terminations fees, but does its best to avoid assessing them, and in most cases, they are not assessed.

The Ugly: Gravity seems to lean toward brick-and-mortar businesses but non-POS services are available.

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