GoEmerchant Review

Company Background: GoEmerchant was founded in 1995 in Cherry Hill, NJ. They are a credit card processing company which started to provide transaction solutions for all size online businesses. Their aim is to create a user-friendly system for users at all levels of knowledge to handle Internet credit card transactions. GoEmerchant is listed as compliant with Visa USA’s Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP).

Rates: Rates for transactions differ between services. The gateway package on a month-to-month basis costs $19.95 and the Total Package Shopping Cart is priced at $59.95 per month. Both packages charge a $99 set up fee and an $29.95 annual fee. The transaction fees are priced at 10-cents each. Both services offer a host of services including unlimited number of transactions, tracking code options, 24/7 data monitoring, daily and weekly backup services, and downloadable reports. The Total Package solution offers additional services including UPS/FedEx/USPS integration, custom shipping and handling, inventory management, and QuickBooks integration. Customers can opt to pay monthly or annually for services.

Security features and Account Services Provided: GoEmerchant offers a full range of solutions for ecommerce merchants, retailers, mail order, and telephone order transactions for online and offline businesses using SSL technology. They offer full service packages with three separate solutions including ecommerce business solutions, payment gateway/payment network business solutions, and merchant business services. GoEmerchant also offer their Internet store software which allows customers to make their own ecommerce website. Their Total Package Option is an all-inclusive online sales solution and shopping cart. The Gateway package offers the services to support the customer’s existing shopping cart. Technology support terminal transactions, online transactions, and iPhone/iPod touch transactions.

Accepted Forms of Payment and Other Services: GoEmerchant’s selection of processing equipment and technologies are compatible with credit card, debit card, electronic benefits transfer (EBT), checks, and gift card transactions.  Merchant accounts automatically are set up to handle Visa and MasterCard transactions. American Express and Discover card processing can also be integrated into your account.

Bottom Line: GoEmerchant offers a variety of credit card processing options and services, including the Total Package which can be beneficial to those just starting out. Merchants can complete an online application and receive account approval within 24 hours. A US-based checking account is required for establishing an account.

The GoEmerchant website is user-friendly and provides valuable information for both the novice and experienced ecommerce business owner. Their pricing comparison makes it simple for customers to understand the services they can receive based on monthly rates.

Posted on Monday, May 7th, 2012