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An industry leader, Global Payments offers a competitive 1.10% retail discount rate, making it an attractive option for businesses that experience high daily customer traffic. Merchants will pay a $0.19 transaction fee with Global Payments and a monthly account fee of $10. A $10 gateway fee will also be applied each month. Global Payments also offers competitive pricing for its supplies and POS equipment. From packages of sales slips to printer ribbons and cleaning cards, Global Payments can give a merchant everything it needs for efficient operations. This includes the support it needs to gracefully handle a variety of business issues.


Global Payments is a Fortune 1000 company that provides payment processing solutions to businesses of all types around the world. The company operates as a one-stop-shop for merchants, offering all of the hardware, software, and supplies they need to run payment processing on a daily basis.

For businesses that regularly conduct business with international markets, Global Payments is a top option. The company operates in currencies around the world on multiple continents, employing the latest technology to ensure businesses get paid as quickly as possible. Recently, the payment provider joined forces with PayPal to allow its merchants to be able to efficiently process PayPal cards in their stores.

Global Payments leads the industry in protection against chargebacks and fraud, giving businesses a type of protection they wouldn’t have otherwise. Its payment processing systems are among the safest, most secure in the world, thanks to the power of years of industry experience. When a problem does occur, a business can contact Global Payments for personalized customer support.

In addition to credit card processing, Global Payments can help with gift cards and secure check processing. The provider’s end-to-end solutions will allow businesses to focus on doing what they love best, with Global Payments handling all of the details related to setting up and maintaining a payment processing system.


Global Payments’ wide range of options allows businesses to either set up new POS systems or upgrade existing ones to include all of the latest amenities. If a merchant has a problem, terminals can either be repaired or replaced overnight to prevent an interruption in business.


Customer service is a high priority for Global Payments, since businesses can’t afford to have systems down for days at a time. When a merchant needs help, Global Payments makes every effort to provide it as quickly as possible. Each customer service representative has been fully trained to help customers who call with issues, including risk management, technical support, relationship management, and quality assurance. The company also offers guides to help businesses understand every aspect of payment acceptance to better protect their business against fraud or loss.


Global Payments is one of the top payment processing services in the world

Features relatively low transaction fees


Small companies may feel lost with all of the options the company provides


On-the-go payment options are not highlighted on the website

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