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While First Data only provides pricing via individual quote, the company recently launched a suite of solutions designed to meet small business needs. Starting with its new Clover Station, First Data Small Business Solutions aims to help smaller businesses offer solutions similar to those enjoyed by their much larger competitors. From terminals to touchscreens, First Data arms you with all the equipment you’ll need to process payments efficiently. If you’re a small business that lacks the revenue to pay a large up-front fee, First Data has leasing options available to keep you from breaking your pockets.


To kick off its First Data Small Business Solutions, the company is offering the Clover Station, which gives retailers and other businesses a touchscreen terminal and receipt printer to get those sales rolling in. This simple setup gives businesses the tools they need to process sales, keep up with inventory, schedule and track employee work time, and analyze customer behavior to determine how future efforts can be improved.

You won’t have to spend hours setting up the software to track inventory and monitor customer trends. All of this is built into the First Data software, automatically tracking every transaction your employees process each day. This information can later be extracted into reports that you can use internally and save for tax time or use to create the financials you’ll need to impress investors and potential business partners.

For businesses with specific needs, the Clover App Market will likely have exactly the app you’re seeking. Over time, as your business grows and you pinpoint specific needs, you may even be able to work with First Data to create an app that will work for what you’re trying to do. Having an app market gives First Data a flexibility many of its competitors don’t have, giving it an edge with small businesses that anticipate big growth over time.

Software updates are automatic with the Clover Station, so you won’t have to worry about visiting each of your locations for manual updates. Because these updates are automatic, you’ll also be able to rest easily, knowing your system is always patched against any security issues that may arise.


When the Clover Station arrives, it’s already configured for a business’ use. You’ll be able to remove the POS and receipt printer from the box and set them up with no software installation required. This couldn’t be better for those looking to get their business off the ground fast or those looking to remove the hassle in setting up a reliable credit card processing solution.


First Data provides extensive customer support by phone or through its knowledgebase. The company also makes an effort to ensure you connect with your customers in the best way possible by providing handy tips for improving customer service in your business.


First Data’s small business solutions give businesses the tools they need to easily accept credit cards


Equipment may be pricey and leasing costs could add up over time


No glaringly ugly issues with First Data


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