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In exchange for a monthly fee of $59-$99, Fattmerchant promises access to direct processing rates. For businesses with high transaction volumes, this can result in significant cost savings each month. Fattmerchant removes most of the fees and the percentage markup many processors charge, instead adding only that monthly fee to the wholesale processing costs.

In recent months, the company has gained a large amount of press for its innovative approach to credit card processing. The processor has been listed atop numerous “top processing firms” and has been featured in the Orlando Business Journal, where its owner announced the company’s goal of reaching $10 million in annual revenue within three years.

Customizable Solutions

Fattmerchant waives all fees, including PCI compliance and IRS fees and no contracts are required. Merchants purchase all equipment at cost, with a 30-day risk-free trial available to try out the service. Each transaction is charged a small fee, which is also lower than the customary $.25 transaction fee charged by other providers.

There are three tiered plans available from Fattmerchant, with the cheapest costing $59 per month. This plan is ideal for businesses with lower daily volume, since merchants pay $.15 for each transaction. For $79 monthly, merchants have access to a plan with $.10 per transaction and the choice of either a free virtual terminal, free authorize.net shopping cart, or a free basic terminal. Businesses with heavy volume should opt for the $99 monthly plan, which charges only $.06 per transaction and includes a free smart EMV terminal or free POS integration.

Fattmerchant is compatible with most POS terminals and will reprogram an existing setup for free upon a merchant’s approval. The application process takes only ten minutes, with approval usually coming within 24 hours. Once approved, Fattmerchant promises merchants can begin accepting payments within 48 hours.

Merchants pay the interchange rate charged by credit card companies, which is traditionally one to two percent. The only other fees paid are the monthly subscription fee and the per-transaction fee of $.06-$.15, depending on the plan chosen.


Fattmerchant’s solution works with most POS systems. Merchants can purchase new equipment directly through Fattmerchant at wholesale prices.

Customer Service

Personal (not automated) support is available to each merchant by phone 24/7.

The Good

No per-transaction markup.

Works with most existing POS systems.

The Bad

Per-transaction fees could add up for high-volume merchants.

And The Ugly

Free equipment only with higher-priced subscription plans.

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