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Encore Payment Systems promises to meet or beat the rates a merchant is currently paying, offering to pay $200 if it can’t. In fact, even if they can save a company money, Encore will hand over $200 as a thank you for signing up. Since pricing is provided behind the scenes, no pricing information is made public. The company reportedly charges both an annual security fee and a termination fee, both of which can be pricey for smaller merchants. Businesses must sign a three-year contract that automatically renews for a year at the end of the term, with merchants having a 60-day window to cancel. While Encore’s pricing may still be lower than what a merchant is paying with other payment processors, it’s important to take these fees into account when signing.

 Customizable Solutions

With customizable solutions for a variety of business types, Encore Payment Solutions can easily personalize processing for individual merchants. Specialized payment processing is available for mail order, food service, hospitality, brick-and-mortar, and e-commerce businesses, thanks to partnerships with some of the leading hardware and software providers in the industry.

For brick-and-mortar businesses, Encore has both EMV-capable countertop terminals and tablet-based POS systems, all equipped with the latest tools. Mobile solutions are available for those who want to be able to accept payments on the go and e-commerce solutions helps a business accept online payments securely.

Phone and mail order businesses can benefit from Encore’s EVO Snap Virtual Terminal Solution. This solution lets a business turn an internet-connected device into a virtual terminal for processing transactions securely. In addition to logging payments that have been mailed or called in, merchants can use the virtual terminal to set up recurring payments and send payment links on invoices. Merchants who use Encore have access to business analysis tools through My Merchant Zone. By logging into this portal, businesses can gain insight into their business’s daily activities.


While Encore doesn’t reveal specifics about the equipment it provides, its website states that each solution is equipped with the latest technology. Encore offers traditional and tablet-based POS and mobile card readers.

Customer Service

Encore’s merchants have access to 24/7 customer support from knowledgeable representatives. Support is available through chat, phone, or a knowledgebase.

The Good:

Sign-up incentive of $200.

24/7 customer support.

The Bad:

Information about fees and equipment isn’t made available on Encore’s website.

And The Ugly:

Annual fee and termination fee may be expensive for businesses on a budget.

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