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With a suite of free amenities and competitive processing rates, Electronic Transfer promises to beat almost any competitor’s fees. After a completely free setup process, merchants have access to great rates and transaction fees that are as much as half of industry standards. Electronic Transfer charges statement fees of $9.95 per month and payment gateway fees of $10 per month, both of which are lower than industry standards.

With more than two decades in the business, Electronic Transfer has established itself as a trusted name in the industry. Merchants have access to the latest payment processing solutions, including the ability to accept payments in a retail location or business, as well as via mobile, website, and mail. There are no monthly limits to process payments through Electronic Transfer, so even a small, growing business can take advantage of its competitive rates.

 Customizable Solutions

Electronic Transfer starts businesses off with all the equipment they need at no cost. New merchants can be set up with a wireless terminal that has a built-in receipt printer, which is the ideal processing environment for businesses that operate out of a kiosk, truck, or at conventions and other events. To make processing even more mobile, merchants also have access to a card reader that connects to a smartphone or tablet at no cost.

As retail increasingly moves online, merchants are most often looking for online credit card processing. Electronic Transfer offers a free shopping cart, along with the ability to accept electronic checks for online purchases. Merchants also have access to Electronic Transfer’s free fraud scrubbing and address verification service to help protect against fraud. Email receipts are automatically deployed to both the customer and merchant when a purchase is made.

Merchants have the protection of Electronic Transfer’s Fraud and Risk Management (FRISK) suite of fraud tools, which work to both prevent and detect fraud. FRISK addresses each of the common fraud risks that internet retailers face by incorporating state-of-the-art tools. In addition to protecting against fraud, FRISK helps protect against a customer accidentally double-clicking on a submit button, protecting both the customer and the business from the inconvenience of correcting an additional charge.

One thing that sets Electronic Transfer apart is that it offers specialized processing for gun and ammunition dealers. Electronic Transfer is one of a select group of credit card processors who will accept gun and ammunition merchants for its services. Merchants must be legal registered US guns and ammunitions businesses and payments must be accepted only from Federal Firearms License holders. Other processors who handle payments for gun and ammunition retailers will often change the fees they originally promised, but Electronic Transfer promises to offer transparent, steady fees from one month to the next.


From the best wireless and mobile credit card terminals to credit card printers and ATM machines, Electronic Transfer offers merchants a wide selection of equipment to meet their needs.

Customer Service

Merchants have access to 24/7 customer support by phone. Email support is also available.

The Good

Free equipment and setup, with no application fees.

High approval rate, including for gun and ammunition retailers.

The Bad

Fees are not publicly disclosed. Must call for customized pricing.

And The Ugly

Focus is on internet and mobile processing. May not be the best choice for dedicated storefronts

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