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For both its terminal and mobile swipe services, Elavon’s rates are 2.65 percent plus $0.19. Keyed entry fees are 3.5 percent plus $0.19 for both options. The business promises no hidden fees and no cancellation fees, although the Terms of Service mentions a liquidated damages fee, which can be in the thousands of dollars for a business that terminates early. Merchants will also pay $10 per month, in addition to the terminal. Elavon also charges $24.99 for the Magtek aDynamo card reader for those businesses interested in accepting mobile payments.


Elavon separates its solutions into those designed for small and medium businesses and those designed for much larger enterprises. The provider sets up a customized solution for each business to help it grow, from POS terminals to mobile payment options. Businesses can choose from dial-up terminals or wireless payment equipment to create the environment they need.

With decades of experience in credit card processing, Elavon prides itself on its dedication to its customers. Each option is designed to be user-friendly in order to help employees to better serve customers. In addition to mobile and terminal transactions, Elavon also helps businesses process payments online and by telephone, with an emphasis on making each transaction as secure as possible.

Elavon works with businesses in all industries, tailoring solutions to meet specific needs. For retailers and restaurants, Elavon’s processing solutions are designed to handle high traffic flow while gift card and electronic check options can help better serve its customers. For its public sector and education clients, Elavon helps develop methods for billing that meet the unique challenges of agencies’ fixed budgets. Some of the biggest brands in industry today work with Elavon, including Cabela’s, Hard Rock Café, and Regal Entertainment Group. But with a suite of small business solutions, even a startup can benefit from the company’s solutions.


Elavon offers equipment that keeps today’s business needs in mind, combining speed and reliability with space-saving convenience. Numerous options are available, from equipment that is portable and can be brought to the customer to equipment designed to stay in one fixed location. Businesses can also opt for a removable PIN pad that can be handed to the customer for safe entry of codes. Because Elavon services businesses in so many different industries, the company can help an organization with the exact payment features it needs to support its customers.



Realizing service and support is important to businesses, Elavon emphasizes its customer service model, reminding businesses of its 24/7 help by phone or email. This goes beyond supporting businesses with technical difficulties, with Elavon acting as an advisor. Each business will be given a customized solution that ensures payment processing runs smoothly each day. As a business changes and grows, Elavon’s sales staff can recommend new solutions that will meet its needs without straining its budget.


Elavon offers a vast range of options for businesses of all sizes, in all industries


Businesses should be wary of the liquidated damages fee when signing a contract, although this clause is not uncommon with credit card processing providers


No particularly ugly service features

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