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With no setup fee and no monthly fee for its sponsored plans, DalPay provides competitively-priced services to merchants around the globe. DalPay has two separate types of merchant accounts, with sponsored plans starting at 4.9 percent with a $0.40 transaction fee. For direct merchant accounts, rates start at 2.3 percent plus a $0.30 transaction fee. This account has a $300 setup fee and a $20 monthly fee. Depending on the type of business and transaction volume, one plan may be the obvious choice. DalPay has merchants complete a comprehensive application that provides the information necessary to find the best rate plan for them.


Qualification for DalPay’s two major plans rely on transaction volume. To qualify for the less expensive direct merchant account, merchants must handle at least 50,000 transactions per month. Those merchants must also reside in one of the qualifying countries, which doesn’t include the U.S. American merchants and lower-volume businesses can sign up for one of DalPay’s sponsored merchant accounts that have no minimum monthly sales amount. Many high-risk businesses do not qualify for DalPay’s sponsored accounts. With DalPay’s sponsored accounts, businesses can begin accepting payments without a merchant account. Payments can be accepted in a wide variety of currencies, including USD, EUR, GBP, and YEN. For sites that welcome visitors from other countries, DalPay gives forms and confirmations in a variety of languages. The options are designed to work for businesses in all sizes, from small startups to large corporations.

DealPay aims to make setup quick, often approving merchants within 24 hours of application. Processing is 100 percent real time, utilizing Address Verification Service to help online businesses stay safe. In addition to traditional online payments, DealPay can also help merchants set up recurring billing for the many businesses now offering monthly subscriptions instead of one-time payments. Recurring billing is pre-authorized, with payments set up on a schedule a business specifies. For merchants who generally sell multiple items to each customer, a shopping cart solution is recommended. DalPay provides several shopping cart options to connect a business’s website to DalPay for processing. In addition to open source shopping cart software, there are also a selection of managed shopping carts available. For small hotels and resorts, Checkfront is also available.


Because DalPay is designed for online merchants, no equipment is required to accept customer payments. Management can be conducted using a PC a merchant already has.


When technical support is needed, DalPay provides it both to merchants and their customers, removing the middleman to get customers served more quickly. International merchant support is available by phone, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. GMT. For a guaranteed response, merchants are advised to raise a help desk ticket from within their merchant/supplier accounts.


Two plans allow representatives to find the best plan for a business based on transaction volume

Accept payments in a variety of currencies for better international sales


This is an online solution only


Merchant tech support is currently only available Monday through Friday during GMT business hours

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