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As owner of payment processing service, CyberSource serves more than 400,000 businesses around the globe. While the company doesn’t offer a set fee schedule, its customized fraud and security solutions make it a popular choice for merchants seeking a trusted provider. In 2010, Visa purchased the company. CyberSource sets up a suite of options for each business, with a discount rate based on the business’s transactions. The transaction fees and discount rates may be on the high side compared to many competitors, which may deter merchants on a budget, but Cybersource offers unparalleled security and fraud protection. Additionally, merchants that partner with CyberSource have access to features that might not be available with competitors.


For businesses concerned with reaching a global customer base, CyberSource is an optimal online payment processing solution. The company features payment processing in a variety of currencies, with solutions that reach out to merchants in a number of ways. CyberSource’s partnerships with major corporations allows it to always provide the latest technology to its clients. It also allows businesses to accept all of the major card brands, across multiple banks and regions. CyberSource helps its merchants by detecting fraud early, allowing all parties to minimize losses and better protect customers. This advanced detection means that valid transactions can be processed more quickly, resulting in a better experience for each customer. On an ongoing basis, a manual review ensures each merchant’s processes are optimized for fraud prevention, which helps reduce a business’s annual operating costs. Requirements are set by each merchant at the outset and maintained by CyberSource’s expert staff. Security breaches are a top concern for any business that accepts credit card payments today.

CyberSource reduces the risk of such an incident, keeping up with changing technology to ensure a business remains compliant as it grows. CyberSource’s data centers are PCI-DSS certified and through the use of tokens, the company ensures customer payment data is secure at all times. Merchants who use CyberSource have the advantage of the company’s advanced reporting and reconciliation tools. This gives merchants the tools they need to make business decisions, as well as conduct regular audits. The information is available online, accessible to merchants at any time through the Business Center. CyberSource automates the vast majority of electronic payment reconciliation and chargeback management to make things as easy as possible for the businesses that use its services.


CyberSource is an online payment processing solution, so no equipment is required. A virtual terminal is provided to allow merchants to process payments made over the phone or through the mail.


Merchants have access to a support center fully stocked with articles answering common questions. CyberSource provides merchant support, as well as 24/7 on-call production support for critical issues. If an issue occurs that will impact merchants for more than ten minutes, CyberSource notifies all affected businesses.


CyberSource is a big name in payment processing, partnering with some of the best-known companies in business today

The company’s top-notch security efforts help keep your business safe


Fees can be high for those looking to run a small business


The lack of mobile equipment might be a hassle for companies looking to sell on the go

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