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Betting a $50 AmEx gift card that it can beat anyone’s price,’s lowest total processing cost guarantee will entice a lot of customers right off the bat. But, you’ll find that’s customized solutions and comprehensive services truly set this company apart. is dedicated to helping you find a unique solution that could best fit your needs, instead of offering one-size-fits-all solutions. You’ll also love the free equipment and services offered by, covering everything from retail to wireless to mail order. To take advantage of these special offers, call today—you could find a solution that’s perfect for your specific needs.

Low Rates And Fees believes in giving you the lowest overall cost for accepting credit cards. By sending in your current statement, you only stand to benefit: either will offer you a lower overall cost, or the company will send you a $50 AmEx gift certificate.

Customized Solutions

Since realizes that different businesses need different services, the company offers solutions for the most popular business types around today. Though each industry will function better with certain services and equipment, still wants to work hard to find a solution that fits your business, your needs and your budget. This combination of individual flexibility and readymade functionality can directly benefit you and your revenue.

  • eCommerce: gives you free access to, letting you take advantage of one of the most popular payment gateways for online transactions. With integrated online account management features to boot, you can simplify your eCommerce experience.
  • Retail: With terminals that are ergonomic and intuitive, you can start accepting credit cards at your brick-and-mortar establishments in no time.
  • Wireless: Offering a free attachment to accept payments on your mobile phone, you’ll be able to use RoamPay’s mobile credit acceptance interface wherever you want to make a sale.
  • Restaurant: Providing a secure and quick transaction interface, could help your restaurant succeed.
  • Phone/Mail Order: Free access to gateway makes it easy to accept payments by mail or phone.


Seemingly covering every base, offers a wide range of technologies, services and solutions that could meet your particular needs. For instance, phone and mail order industries will rely on payment gateways to help their clients order the goods and services they’re looking for as quickly as possible. On the other hand, artisans and other merchants on the go usually prefer quick, lightweight options to take their payment processing with them. With, you’ll have access to all these payment systems and more.

Conclusion offers tons of promotions for free services or equipment, proving just how much they care about helping everyone accept credit cards. To that end, the company gives you all sorts of equipment options for almost any type of business model, from mobile to phone order to retail. You can also benefit from’s lowest total cost guarantee, which will either lower your rates or give you a $50 AmEx gift card. To see how could benefit you, be sure to call’s courteous and helpful sales associates today and get a solution that’s built just for you.

The Good: Low rates and low risk Offers a personal touch with customized services

The Bad: Doesn’t publish acceptance rates

The Ugly: None

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Great customer services and very professional Thanks a lot!

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