Credit Card Processing Deals For New Merchants

If you are a business owner and you are not currently accepting credit cards as a method of payment, you are likely losing out on a lot of business.  Despite the fact that many consumers have readjusted the way in which they use credit in recent years, credit cards remain a popular choice to pay for items and services.  By limiting payment options of potential customers, you run the risk of turning away clientele that would otherwise bolster your business.

What prevents businesses from accepting credit cards?

At the end of the day, the biggest reason many merchants opt to stick with cash and checks is the high cost of credit card processing fees.  Merchant accounts, credit card processing, chargebacks and security issues rank high on the list of reasons why a business owner decides to steer clear of credit card transactions.  All of these issues can be managed and incorporated into a business, however doing so without spending a lot of money can get tricky.  This is especially true for small businesses, charitable organizations and even mobile businesses who accept credit cards while out in the field.

Credit card processing for free?

Small business owners who are on the fence as to whether or not they should accept credit cards may be swayed by free offers that will eliminate or greatly reduce their credit card processing costs.  An example of one of these “deals” is comes from App Ninjas.  According to a January 10, 2011 press release, this developer of the Swipe Credit Card Terminal for iPhones is giving away Credit Card Swipers that are Apple approved for free.  This offer is good for new users of the iPhone 4 and iPod hardware.

How does it work?

Once received, the hardware can be attached through the dock connector to the bottom of the iPhone.  Users will then have credit card processing support making it possible to accept a credit card anywhere, at any time while receiving payment into your account within two days.  As stated in the press release, “Providing iPhone 4 and iPod touch users with a swipe accessory allows any mobile merchant to quickly process transactions, saving them money and time,” said John Waldron, CEO of App Ninjas. “Swipe’s features help manage credit card transactions with virtual terminal access, online reporting, real-time authorizations, and premium customer support, including access to a customer support rep assigned to their account, from the moment they download Swipe.”

This option is a great idea for mobile businesses or small business owners to try out credit cards without getting stuck in a contract or paying excessive processing fees.  With no set-up fees, activation fees or monthly minimums, this deal for “new” merchants can certainly save time and money for those considering credit card payments.

Posted on Wednesday, January 26th, 2011