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To leverage the best rates for its merchants, CPN USA specializes in low-risk credit card processing. Certain industries are at less risk for fraud and chargebacks and CPN USA concentrates its services in those industries, which gives it negotiating power with banks. The savings it achieves through this negotiation process is passed on to merchants. In addition to offering the lowest rates, CPN USA also works to stay abreast of the latest technologies to ensure its merchants can offer the best services to their own customers. Not only do merchants enjoy lower fees, they also can upgrade to the fastest POS systems on the market.

Customizable Solutions

CPN USA offers a suite of solutions specific to different industries. Recognizing each industry is unique, the processor customizes its services to meet these needs, with wireless terminals for merchants in need of processing payments on the go, POS that can be integrated with menus for restaurants, POS that interacts with self-service pumps at gas stations, and much more. E-commerce businesses have access to low-cost online payment acceptance that is PCI-DSS compliant.

Smart cards are the latest in payment technology and CPN USA’s merchants can accept them. Each terminal is equipped with the ability to accept credit, debit, and smart cards, as well as checks, EBT, and gift cards. CPN USA also provides terminals that are equipped to accept contactless payments, whether through Visa Blink, MasterCard Paypass, American Express ExpressPay, or Near Field Communication (NFC)-enabled smartphones.

Mobile payments have empowered businesses to accept payments anywhere. CPN USA’s merchants can equip a smartphone or tablet with the ability to accept credit cards, freeing them up to take payments at trade shows or in store. This gives merchants the ability to reduce lines during high-volume sales periods by equipping floor staff with the tools to swipe payments away from the cash register. Service-oriented businesses like flower delivery shops usually have the need to accept payments wherever they are. CPN USA’s wireless terminals can handle payment processing from anywhere with the same security and low rates merchants enjoy with the processor’s other services. These terminals can also generate a receipt for the customer’s records.


Merchants can choose from a vast array of hardware solutions for their business. In addition to multiple types of credit card machines, CPN USA also offers portable and wireless terminals, mobile payment card readers, contactless readers, PIN pads, and check imaging devices. Each piece of equipment employs the latest technology to help merchants provide the great service customers expect.

Customer Service

CPN USA offers 24/7 US-based customer support to help with any issues. If hardware should malfunction or become obsolete, a merchant will receive a replacement. Merchants also have access to training manuals and continuing education, along with regular communications updating them on the latest industry news.

The Good…

Merchants always have access to the latest technology and low rates.

24/7 US-based customer support gives merchants the help they need.

The Bad…

Merchant training is provided through user training manuals.

And The Ugly

Pricing is not transparent, requiring merchants to contact them for a quote.

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