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Costco is known for its low prices on everything from groceries to lawn supplies. Its payment processing services promise the same competitive pricing, with swipe fees as low as 1.38 percent plus $0.19 for in-store transactions. Online purchases can be processed for as low as 1.99 percent plus $0.25 and mobile payment fees are 2.49 percent with no additional fee. To offer these rates, Costco partners with Elavon to allow merchants to accept all major credit cards. Costco’s executive members can enjoy these low rates at no additional charge, but merchants who aren’t executive members will be charged a $25 application fee and a $4.95 monthly statement fee to offset administrative costs for the service. This is a promotional offer, so the rates could change without notice.


Through Elavon, Costco Merchant Services can provide an end-to-end solution for a business’s payment processing service. Through flexible options, Costco allows merchants to have a processing environment that grows as its business grows, allowing them to focus on serving customers. Costco’s client base works in a wide variety of industries, from retail to healthcare and beyond, giving the company the ability to customize solutions for each merchant.

For a merchant’s in-store and on-site needs, Costco Merchant Services allows all payments to be consolidated in one statement. Retailers that accept checks can rely on Elavon’s electronic check services to convert every paper check to an electronic check for verification. Merchants can also issue prepaid and gift cards through Costco Merchant Services, customizing the card’s design for branding purposes.

Through a virtual merchant solution, Costco Merchant Services empowers merchants to accept cards over the phone and by mail. For those businesses interested in accepting payments on mobile devices, a card reader makes swiping easy. Each transaction is protected by Costco Merchant Services’ security, featuring Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DDS)-compliant services. This helps keep customer credit card information private to prevent an embarrassing data breach. Costco Merchant Services also employs Elavon’s built-in fraud monitoring and control to help protect merchants and their customers.

Keeping up with sales data is an important part of improving operations. Regularly reviewing purchase data can provide valuable insight into how customers are reacting to certain products. As a merchant makes decisions on future product offerings, collected data on these behaviors can help make the right choices. Costco Merchant Services gives three separate service levels for viewing and reconciling accounts: basic, premium, and premium with Online Case Management (OCM). Each plan has increasing levels of support and reporting.


Costco Merchant Services has a variety of terminal options, both for countertop and mobile. Merchants can choose from the latest compact terminals for both customer convenience and attractiveness at the register. For mobile processing, merchants can choose from a compact card reader or a mobile POS designed for food trucks and other businesses that need on-the-go payment processing.


Costco Merchant Services customers have the benefit of Elavon’s comprehensive customer support services. Elavon provides 24/7 customer support by phone or online. This support includes help with fraud control and risk management.


Brings the power of one of the top credit card processing companies to merchants at an affordable rate

Neatly consolidates payments in one statement


With such a large customer base, merchants may find they have competition for customer support during peak hours


Nothing especially ugly about this service

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