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Merchant One caters to more than 100,000 merchants, making them one of the fastest growing processing in the United States today. Many merchants are switching service to Merchant One because of their competitive rates and transparent approach to payment processing. Before signing up, Merchant One asks all the right questions to ensure a customer is truly saving money by switching to their service. Likewise, merchants who are new to payment processing will find that their knowledgeable account representatives will guide them through the learning process, recommending the right service to best suit the merchant's needs.


Merchant One knows that when it comes to pricing, all merchants truly care about is savings - that's why Merchant One doesn't charge any application or set up fees. The trained sales representatives at Merchant One will give an assessment of a merchant's current processing statement and highlight anyway in which the merchant can save money by doing business them.

Processor Highlights

  • eCommerce, Wireless, Retail, MOTO
  • Transparent representation of rates and plans
  • Next day funding on all card types
  • Free equipment programs available
  • Expertly trained 24/7 customer support
  • Serves all types of businesses
  • Online reporting available

Contract Term



Merchant One offers free equipment programs as well as leasing and sales opportunities. Depending on a merchant's needs and requirements, Merchant One will advise on the best solution for saving money and ensuring security. Free equipment can equate to savings of more than $300 depending on the terminal and its uses. By providing state-of-the-art equipment, Merchant One is able to support all types of business models including; wireless, E-commerce, retail, trade show vendors, telephone/mail order and any combination thereof. All of the desktop terminals Merchant One provides can be connected to either an analog phone line or an Internet service provider connection. All of Merchant One's terminals are PCI compliant, although merchants are required to fill out an annual Payment Card Industry survey via a third party (Control Scan), to ensure added security.

Reprogramming current PCI compliant equipment is a safe and cost free option supported by Merchant One as well. Free equipment can be added later to an account if needed, and managed according to the growth of the business. All free equipment is sent out to merchants for a shipping fee of $19.95 (this includes mobile swipers).

Merchant One also provides a user-friendly virtual terminal interface designed to serve merchants who need to access credit card processing remotely. The Merchant One gateway is compatible with most online shopping carts, QuickBooks, and fully integrates with PC/Apple point-of-sale software. There are also several customer management tools integrated into the Merchant One gateway plug-in, as it is designed to promote the business as well as save valuable customer information. Merchant One charges a $10 monthly gateway fee for merchants processing credit cards wirelessly or via virtual terminal.

Customer Service

Merchant One is a registered ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Bank, NA, and a registered ISO/MSP of First National Bank of Omaha, which means they are capable of supporting and reprogramming almost any credit card processing device. The level of customer service provided by any processor depends on the extent of access they have to the back-end of transaction records, as this lets merchants see the nuts and bolts of their day-to-day activity. Merchant One provides a distinctly high level of access and gives merchants the 24/7/365 support they need to stay in touch.

Merchant One provides "Next-Day Funding" to retail businesses, giving them the cash flow required to run their operations efficiently. Most processors only offer "Next-Day Funding" for Visa/MasterCard, however Merchant One offers this service for American Express and Discover deposits as well. Another feature provided by Merchant One is "Merchant Club," giving customers access to online reporting, tax reporting and equipment warranties for $9.95 a month.

Contractual Agreement

Merchant One offers no-contract agreements which are stipulated in the "Special Instructions" sections of their current application (June 2013). Merchant One also promotes short-term agreements that help to offset below-retail pricing (usually called Interchange). It should also be noted here that negotiating the perfect deal means weighing in all the deciding factors like, equipment, pricing vs. savings, length of term agreement, processing volume and type of business. Providing Merchant One with a current processing statement is a valuable tool enabling their sales representatives to quote accurately.

Additional Product Offerings

Merchant One provides all the ancillary services required to accept electronic payments that do not include the major credit card brands. For merchants who never want to say "No" to their customers, maintaining a host of payment options is essential. Below is a list that includes, but is not limited to, Merchant One's additional services:

  • Gift and Loyalty Card Program
  • New Business Start-up Cash
  • Guaranteed Paper and E-Check services
  • Complete Fraud Protection

10 Reasons to Choose Merchant One

These are the top ten selling points for any merchant shopping for a credit card processing company. By singling out the top ten most important features, we can see where each company ranks among those attributes that matter most to merchants. Although the selling points will be the same across all processors, each processor will rank within the 10-point scale differently.

  • #1 - Transparent Representation of Rates and Plans
  • #2 - Next Day Funding on All Card Types
  • #3 - No-Contract Agreements Available
  • #4 - Free Equipment Programs Available
  • #5 - Highly Competitive Pricing
  • #6 - Expertly Trained 24/7 Customer Support
  • #7 - Same Day Approval
  • #8 - Online Reporting Available
  • #9 - 24/7/365 In-House Tech Support
  • #10 - Serves All Types of Businesses


Merchant One is a promising provider of honest and realistic expectations for their rates and services. It is a rare trait among processors to give merchants the truth about saving money, a trait that Merchant One chooses to embody. Being competitive in the market is also very important, and Merchant One is second to none in their ability to price match and find savings where other processors predict a loss. Merchant One is careful to ask the right questions and perform an accurate savings analysis; merchants would be wise to give them as much information as possible in order to get the best deal.

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